Discussion on Photogram - A simple, fun & creative photo sharing social network

Discussion on Photogram - A simple, fun & creative photo sharing social network

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Do yoi have a version using firebase as db?

No, unfortunately not.

Do you have a moderation and verification system or do you plan to include it?

Unfortunately it doesn’t have a moderation system. We’re currently re-directing all our efforts towards a new project so there are no plans for future updates on this project.

Bro this project show error. Directory ’/bomb/Hehe’ does not contain a Gradle build.

Contact me for email please

Is it possible to place advantage Google ad

Unfortunately no, at least not without modifying the source code.

How do we make money from it

Currently it has no direct feature to help with monetization. But you can:
  • Offer paid downloads.
  • Partner with sponsors or affiliates.
  • Invest in developers to add an ad system and/or premium features.

Hi, two questions…

Will you probably add messages and reels function? Or maybe story function?

And second: Is this product compatible with ANY S3 storage provider? Can you proof if it’s working with StorJ?

Why don’t you continue such a beautiful project if you’re the only one on the market

I have to admit, I made a few mistakes at the beginning of this project that ended up hurting sales. One issue is that people are looking for unique and fresh ideas, rather than exact clones. Right now, most of the people would have to spend extra money to differentiate it from Instagram. Another problem is that I didn’t prioritize creating a web version before developing mobile apps.

I think I could try to revamp this project, but it would require a lot of changes and would end up being completely different from what it started as. So, I’ve decided to leave it as a good clone of Instagram and move on to something new.

I apologize for any disappointment this may cause and hope you can understand my decision.

I promise you, as soon as you provide StorJ or Filecoin, or any other decentralized cloud storage system, you did more than everyone else here …. Because than you support Web3 technology. And if you add stories and messages your far more better than this lame Instagram ;)

has social login? (facebook,google, ...)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have options for logging using other social networks.

I get this message Something went wrong. Please try again later.

Could be the network or a server issue. But if it persists, I’d need more information like how or which part are you getting that error from?

Hi, is it RTL support? And does it depend on any service or API like firebase? TNX


Unfortunately it doesn’t support RTL.

Backend service is written in PHP and using MySQL/PostgreSQL for storage so there’s no need to depend on third party services as long as you have access to PHP and a SQL database.


I’m continuing with Photogram’s work, if erlage is no longer working on the project I’ll be updating it, check it out:

waiting some update to buy

Allytex Purchased

I wish you a good day this app looks like it will never get updates again you were working on a new project, how long is the estimated time for the new project to be finished or can you give some information about when you plan to sell it on codecanyon?

Hi thanks!

I’m going to release a new update soon(small improvements & bug fixes) to Photogram.

The other project that I’m working on is kinda big and might take few months to complete.


Some changes are not saved, the photo quality of the posts is blurry even increasing the quality to 100, the update text I made the change and it is also not saved, could you check?

I’ve responded to your email.

Please keep the conversation at one place(either email or here) if you want me to help. Thanks

Bro, since it won’t work on stories but Photogram, add in the next update edit posts, take a photo with the phone camera and notification via push

Sorry, no plans on this in the near future.

Add story feature. I will buy it

Is this going on discount since this has already been abandoned?

Hi- So starting June 30, 2022 Apple requires all apps submitted to must let users initiate deletion of their account – Also, since its easy can you add report content – since Apple requires that as well.

I stand corrected.

I’ll make sure our app is complying to latest standards & policies. Thanks

any update on this?

Hello! I want to buy it, just please don’t abandon it, it’s a very nice project, please continue to develop it. This is a great project

And when will the new project be released?

I’m not sure if I’m going to finish stories part(it has some rough edges). About new project, well it’s still in its infancy but I’m constantly working on it, and I’ll let you know(by commenting here) when it’s ready

Okay, thanks, but if everything goes well, please try to finish the stories. Thank you very much, I really want to buy this particular project

Hello bro, good night how are you? I’m here wanting to know if the new update is still out this month, a while ago I was working on Stories and on the web part. Then these days passed and anxiety bothers kkk your project is good congratulations.

Hi, I’ll try to finish stories but please don’t consider it done(or promised).

thank you for the help:)

Thank you Man ☺️

Being able to update I’m just having trouble changing and not being saved, I sent you an email

very nice add story

Hello, any update coming? It’s been nearly 2 months and a lot of things are missing, thanks!

Hi, I’m not working on this project currently. There’ll be a update but I cannot give you any ETAs at the moment.

We are waiting! Very long time you do not release an update

Hi, I’m not working on this project currently. There’ll be a update but I cannot give you any ETAs at the moment.


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