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I just purchased your Photo Gallery for iPhone. I want to add it to an existing tab based app in Xcode 4.2. Your instructions are for Xcode 3 Do you have instructions for Xcode 4? Please let me know.

Just want to say what a great app this is. It plugged into my existing app and saved me hours and hours of work. Max was also extremely helpful and provided excellent support! Well worth the cost!

Thank you :)

Does this scale to the iPad? I’m using the latest version of Xcode…If I want to submit this to the app store as a free app, do I need to purchase the extended lic? Thanks! Chris

Converting to a Universal or at least iPad app is as easy as 1-2-3 and can be done with a few clicks thanks to Xcode’s built-in assistants. If you need any help after you’ve purchased, just get back to me. Simplified license http://codecanyon.net/wiki/buying/howto-buying/licensing/

Thanks, just purchased! Can I get the code for multiple galleries? Thanks! Chris

Hi MaxNorthpole,

I have to ask some questions since my project entirely depends on it, I examined all other tutorials & projects etc. , and seems all kinda ineffectively coded bad.

I just want to these:

  • Proper full screen image view.
  • Source code is not so complex therefore, I will edit easiliy ( I mean that it is not included tons of delegates, notifications, ridiculusly more than one model file )
  • I already write my share code ( Facebook, Twitter ), so can I easiliy be integrate these features ( I think that actionSheet is suitable place )
  • I can add another buttons on toolbar.
  • I can add Title on navigation bar on each photograph.


Hi, I just purchased your code and I like it so much.

I see in the comments that may be you have the code for many galleries? I really need it and if possible to send me a copy at this mail :



I think the PhotoGallery code is a great solution for my need. I do have some additional questions though so I will list them here.

- Is there a longer demo available with all the latest features that have been added? - I’m interested in knowing if a gallery thumbnail view has been added. - Is there the capability to add categories? (for example: Movies, Cars, People, Nature, Abstract, etc – all the various categories you typically see in a Wallpaper Gallery.) - Also is there a limit to the number of categories? - The Demo video shows simple drag and drop functionality but where could I get more information on modifying the existing code (or even if it can be done)? For example the load screen, the background colors, the font, how the categories would be labeled and organized, etc.

Bottom line I’m looking to build an iPhone Wallpaper Gallery that will focus on a certain niche. I would love to buy a template that I can drop my images in and modify the code to “make it my own” instead of building an app from the ground up. Can I do this with your PhotoGallery program? If so do you have any more video tutorials that I can see accomplishing the above tasks?

Thank you.

- This demo is the only one available.

- Neither thumbnail nor categories out of the box. We are having sample code available for having categories after you have purchased.

- Neither number of photos nor categories have limit.

- Both source code and UI can be modified and customized. A video tutorial just about that is available with your purchase.

- Photo Gallery is very easy to customize so it fits every need

- Further videos and tutorials available with your purchase

I guess this goes without saying but after I have purchased, customized and have a finished product. The PhotoGallery software will create an output that I can submit to the App Store? I understand I need an Apple Developers License/Account to do this, I just want to make sure there isn’t another step after I build with PhotoGallery.

My question stems from this: Apple’s approval process can sometimes be hard to understand and you may find that your app has been rejected, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances.

- If possible, purely use the SDK . Some “gap” methods use forms of JavaScript that Apple doesn’t always like. Using purely the SDK , coupled with Cocoa and Objective C, you’ll know your back-end code won’t ever be a problem.

Just to be clear the intention here is to build an app that I will submit to the App Store for sale. I understand there are 2 licensing fees ($20 and $100) If my intention is to build and list my app in the App Store for sale will the $20 version be acceptable? Or is the $100 version needed?

Is the PhotoGallery software stand alone or do I need other software to run the code? Can I run the PhotoGallery software on Windows or does it only run on a Mac?

Thank you for all your answers above, you have been very helpful.

It’s a Xcode project. Xcode is part of Apple’s tools for iOS development. It’s a free download from developer.apple.com .

In order to submit your app to the App Store, you would need a paid account.

Photo Gallery relies solely on the official iOS SDK , no third-party, JavaScript etc. used! It is a native project.

After your modifications and customizations, you are ready to submit to the App Store through Xcode. No further step.

There are already applications available on the App Store which use this code which means Photo Gallery should be safe for Apple’s review process.

You can read more about licensing at http://wiki.envato.com/buying/howto-buying/licensing/ .

I don’t think this works on iOS 5…. :( It keeps on going to a blank screen….

Have you tried the demo project? Perhaps there is something wrong with your existing project…

Basically I ma loading your photo gallery as another view in iOS 5. When I load it, it appears for about a second and then the screen goes black and I can’t do anything… :(


I am building my app for iOS 5 only.

I’ve sent the developer a private message and he’s a bit quiet on the support from to say the least!

I’m looking for a way to provide a nice transition when the images are swiped. How can I achieve this please?

There is no way. That would require the project to be rewritten from the ground up.

Does this work with iOS5 ? Im interested in buying it… would be looking at having multiple galleries for the app downloader to access.

Any feedback appreciated ahead of purchasing…



Of course it is compatible with iOS 5.

This works really well as described. Very well built. My question is, how do we make it so it doesn’t start on image 100 of 100 but start at image 1 of 100?

thank you

Try #define RESET TRUE

Hi Max. Ok I am sort of managing to figure out why this is not working for my iOS 5 based app. Basically I am importing your code into one of my existing apps (Single View Based application). The the Xcode project for my existing app has ARC enabled which forbids things like ‘dealloc’ and ‘release’.

While I was testing the app and then also testing it while multitasking I got this error: EXC _BAD_ACCESS

The main problem is that when I open the view with your code, the page suddenly goes blank?? Why??

I believe this error is to do with memory management. Can you help me out here please?

Thanks :D

Yes the changes you applied could have caused it.

From the compiler docs:

“ARC may be explicitly [...] disabled with the compiler flag -fno-objc-arc.”

I already sent you an email on how to apply that.

I agree with Supertecnoboff, you CANNOT use this project with other projects without completely re-writing the project. The video he shows is Xcode 4.2, and it might have worked back then, but it sure as hell doesn’t work now. I just tried to import his project with a BLANK file or project, and it still does not run! Like Supertecnoboff says, it will come up for less than a second, and then it will go black. I would appreciate it if developers would just be honest and say that they are not sure what they are doing, and that they will not update their files. Because when they don’t, they wind up wasting a lot of people’s time, and just wind up really enraging people. I think this project can probably work fine as a standalone project, but forget about incorporating it into an existing project. That is so last year.

The video actually shows Xcode 3.x and yes, the item was one of the first three iOS projects ever released on this marketplace!

I am on holidays so I do not have time nor access to the source code but I have just verified that it still works even from the latest version of Xcode, so do not complain or send me a demo project that demonstrates your issue.

Hello the code is ok, but do not understand why the presentation starts at the last photo. Expect an answer thanks.

There is a #define somewhere at the top of the Photo gallery implementation file.

Any chance of an update for iOS6 and the iPhone 5 screen?

Are you still there MaxNorthPole?

An update for what?

??? To this project! To fit iPhone 5 screen, to add more features etc!

Xcode can convert this project to support iPhone 5 screen automatically, so no need for any update.

Is there a way to use this in a project that uses SB and ARC?

Just disable ARC for our files in `Build Phases`. Since this is an external component you can still present it from code just like you would do without Storyboard.

I need to make multiple galleries. I saw that you supplied code for that issue. Would you please do so. I bought the framework in April 2012.

Please submit a message via the form on my profile page. Thanks!

I have submitted several messages and have not heard anything. Are you still working?

Sorry for the delay in communication. Replying to all msgs asap!

Is it with admob integrated ???