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Hi, I see I have now Xcode 8 installed on my computer, can I still use it to modify this app? or must i use Xcode 7.x to use this code? Thanks

we’ll update all our apps asap to xcode 8, the layout issue will be solved by setting AutoLayout

Thanks. It is now in xcode 8.

yes it is

Can you add filter for the images like instagram?

hi, not in this app, you may check CamFun, for example

Hi, I want to run in the simulator in Xcode 8, it shows the following error: This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must contain an NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.

Can you please let me know what is wrong? Thanks

that’s not a bug, it’s how all our apps work, we cannot point to a specific post

Thanks. So what is the meaning to make the link anyway?

to check the user who liked or commented your posts or followed you


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Has the user guide been updating on how to add push notifications to the new platform as I see you’ve removed the other?

of course we’ve updated the User guide, it shows how to setup back4app push notifications, for you app, you will have to remove everything about OneSignal, from the OneSignal.framework file into Frameworks folder to all the code that starts with OneSignal.


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Is there a way to have the entire view scroll up when the ‘posts table view’ cells scroll up on the ‘me’ view controller? Basically having the entire view scroll as one.

You would have to place a ScrollView as first layer, insert a UIView in it and embed all the existing views into it, then you must work some custom code out to make the posts table view not scrollable and enlarge the scrollview’s content size accordingly to the tableview’s size. But then the cells will not be clickable because of the scrollview, so you would have to figure out some other code to make them clickable. In other words, we suggest you to leave it as it is :)


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wow thats a lot of work. yeah i think its fine the way it is

Hi the update you applied to chatty for the.plist for the 2 privacy rules could you submit an update for this version?

Also how easy is it to migrate to the latest version as I’ve got an app live pre update to reflect new additions to adding fields to the back4app backend site

We already did it, on Sep 27th, please check your Download page and download the updated version of Photofeed.
You will have to check the change log in the app description and compare the .swift files with your old ones to make changes.


I run the Android app in emulator, however, I ca not sign up, because after entered my info and click the sign up button, it says : ’’unauthorized’’ under buttons in gray area, and nothing happened. what is the problem ?

Have you copied the App ID and client key from your app console on back4app and pasted them into Configs.java?

Yes, I did. then I click run, and in the emulator, authorization problem occured. and after that, I cheked the back4app, nothing changed there, everything seems as its initial position. no class eg..

Test the app on a real device if you can, it’s better. then please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap


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Hi i have created an admob banner on admob website. I completed the simple steps and then copied the Unit ID and replace in config.swift. But no banners are appearing?? Can you advise please?

you have to give time to AdMob network to process ads for your new Unit ID, it may take 24/48 hours, it’s not up to us

a demo of iOS app ?

we haven’t published this app on the App Store, hopefully some user will post a link to his version of this app

exist a back-end there ?

as the description says, it has Parse backend hosted on back4app.com

Hello, 1. is it possible to add a posttype, that every users sees, no matter if he is following a person or not? Better said, is it a small modification? 2. What happens to reported abuses, do I get notified? 3. is it easy to edit data in the backend? E.g. if I want to verify a post before releasing it and the setting a flag to released state? 4. Is there a complete registration process integrated, also with password recovery?

Thanks :)

1. it would not be a small edit, it would require some customization job
2. no, you have to daily check your Parse Dashboard for reported users
3. yes, it’s easy, but for that purpose you would have to add a boolean column in your Dashboard and some custom code in the controller where a user posts a post
4. yes, sign up and password recovery are included

Hi sir when i try to post a comment without any text a blank comment posted. how can i resolve this issue? thanks

<Google:HTML> You are currently using version 7.10.1 of the SDK.
It seems you’re using an old, not updated version of Photofeed, we’ve updated the GoogleMobileSDK to its latest version in the update of 2 days ago, please download it, read the user guide and the change log in this app description.

Bro i updated to the new version. No google sdk issue but the same other issue, the app crash whe i follow my self and navigate other following/followers users. Please sir look the images. Peace!

http://imageshack.com/a/img921/9081/4U6SJk.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img924/7268/LePL7p.jpg

Ok, so please click the line into the red rectangle and take a full screenshot of your xcode window: https://s13.postimg.org/vow333ecn/Le_PL7p.jpg
that option will point to the error line in the code, then please contact us by our profile’s contact form and send us the link to the screenshot, so we’ll go on from then. Thanks.

Hello – is there a video demo?

yes of course, please check this app description and click on the big video preview banner ;)

oops :) sorry! ... i thougt i was in the comment section for the android version

no problem, the Android version has a downloadable demo apk instead of a video preview ;)


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does it have chat or messaging feature?

How do you delete or remove a user from the app? I tired deleting a user from the Parse Dashboard but it still shows up on the app.

If you want to delete a user you should first copy its objectId from the User class, then delete it from User class and search for its objectId in all the other classes (Likes, Posts, Activity, Comments, Follow), and delete all the rows that have where such objectId into . You can use the Filter function, and just an example for the Activity class: click Filter, select ‘currentUser’, ‘equals’ and paste the objectId you’ve copied before, as this screenshot shows: https://s23.postimg.org/wwc1n1eaz/sample.png


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Hi, is there any reason to why this has been updated?

Updated GoogleMobileAds.framework and its relative code

yes, please check the change log in the app description.


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Yeah i’ve read that, but is there any reason to why it’s been done, is it critical to for my app

No, but you should at least update the googleMobileAds.framework and its code, otherwise banners may stop showing in your app if its live on the App Store.

Is there a way on the app to make a user account private?

no, unless you build some custom code to make it happen, but it’s pretty complex if you’re not an experienced developer, and we’re sorry but we’re currently not available for freelance work.

In your new App Woopy it can add 3 photos and a short video in the post, I hope you can add these feature to this App as well? Thanks

And the tabs menu in Woopy is more beautiful, I hope you can use that as standard for these Apps, including the App Photo feeds. To put the write button in the middle on the bottom.

thanks for your suggestion

Hi! At the stage of “Export Compliance Information” do I have to declare that the app is using encryption, because it is connected to https like back4app.com or any other reason? Or do I have to check No? thanks

Hi, just check NO and go ahead.
PS: don’t forget to rate this app in case you haven’t done that already: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)