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Wow, great work. Now there is also an Android version. I just tried on the Android phone, I like the design, the background color in the home, very beautiful. I have also some small feedbacks:

1. the menu tabs in the bottom: they have the same background color (white) as the post part, so it is not so easy to see the difference. Feedback: Add some other color for this part. The tab icons and the tab letters are very small on the mobile. 2. I have made a post, but I can not see it on the home page. It seems that I must follow myself so that i can see it on the homepage, that is a bit strange. 3. I have not uploaded a profile photo, but I see it in the homepage of profile photo of somebody else. 4. In the post details page, I can not directly see the comments. It would be nice if it list all the comments directly in the post details page. 5. To make a post. If I accidently choose one wrong photo, I can not click X to delete and then choose a new one to upload. 6. It is a bit slow, after a made a post, it took sometime before it showed in the homepage. 7. The app crashes several times. I know this is very new, there are bugs, I can understand. 8. Refresh and Pen button are a bit small, it would be nice if you put the Pen button on the bottom in the middel as well. 9. After I go to the other tabs, and then if i go back to the homepage, my post disappear, or the order is very strange. It seems that is not ordered according to the post time. 10. after I tap on a photo, it will first pop op, but I can not zoom,

So these are my feedbacks. It hope it will be useful for your developing.


2. the purpose of this app is to see posts of the users you follow, so there’s why you can’t see your posts on the Home page, but you can see them in the Popular/search screen.
3. that may be a connection issue, Parse is a bit slower than mySQL/php
4. too many queries then to the Post Details screen, we’ll leave comments apart otherwise it may affect the app performance, we did that on purpose.
5. it’s up to the gallery controller, we cannot build a custom image picker so if you wrongly choose a picture, just tap it again and choose abother one, easy and convenient for the cheap price of this template
6. it’s always a combination of back4app server and internet speed, also it depends by the device’s CPU, the lower the higher processing time for data
7. probably there’s some empty field in our parse dashboard, we weekly clean our demo database
8. we may increase the buttons size, but we’ll leave where they are
9. the app first searches for followed users then it displays their posts, we cannot order them by date.
10. ok, but can still see it entirely in full screen. the iOS version does the same

Thanks. I hope the users will understand your worries about the server side as well.

we’ve just cleaned our demo database, so we removed test users (we must clean it once in a while), so you may uninstall the app and install the demo apk again and sign up as a new user and test the app again

Great work :-) GL


Great Product :) Best of Luck :)

Great work gud luck

iOS version for this app?

It’ in the app’s description, there’s black big banner that points to the iOS version: https://codecanyon.net/item/photofeed-ios-universal-social-photo-feeds-app-template-swift/14480606

in the photofeed there is some overlappping text in a photo. I saved a screenshot for you at http://dropwoo.com/vsJG7YO

does that screenshot comes from the emulator or a real device? emulator doesn’t work properly

it is from a phone not an emulator.

it seems your device has a small screen, so it’ll be a matter of decreasing the cityTxt’s text size to a smaller dp value, like 9 or so

that will be in the layout values of app?

in the xml file of the post cell, you can open it with interface graphics, select that TextView and set textSize with the list of attributes in the right side of the Android Studio’s window

yep, very easy :)

1. Best work ever on codecanyon. Absolutely no problems to import it in android studio! (Never before :) ) 2. Is it possible to translate the strings? I see its hard coded 3. Set the image quality a bit higher from Posts? 4. Icon not shows up by pushnotification (only white box) or is that correct?

Thank You! Greetings

1. thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.
You can translate the strings in the code and in the views on the xml files
3. Higher resolution would affect the speed of the app, anyway the Bitmap compression is already 100, the maximum allowed
4. that’s correct

Good luck with sales. Where to contact if have customize request ? Thanks

Thanks, you may contact us by our profile’s contact form, but we’re currently not available for freelance work, sorry.


Elmirz Purchased

My app is now live in google play!. Very beautiful app, clean code, easy to customize it. Thanks guys.

good job, thanks for your feedback and good luck with downloads!
Feel free to post the link to your app here ;)


Elmirz Purchased

This is it: http://bit.ly/2cTUd9X and my iOS version is in review now .

Looks great, good job!

Wil you be adding search functions like hastags, search by users or search by locations? Will you add a link to the profile page? Can you edit and reskin this in android studio?

no hashtags, you can already search for posts by keywords or by user’s full name, and if you tap on an avatar image you can see the user’s profile page. You can reskin this app in Android Studio 2.2 as you wish

Like add a link in the profile section so each profile can advertise a link to personal website or something? Thanks for all the information!

We won’t add it to the original tenplate, that may be requested as an extra customization job though.

is there any more broad tutorial or description or video that how can I install back end of app and front end of app ? I read five times the user guide, but unfortunately there is nothing about how it should be installed truthfully. it is only 3 pages, and only one page “mention” about installation.

I am abit not familier with app building. in back4app App page, there is nothing, when I create a new app, how can this new empty backend manage the application ?

Hi, I changed the keys, but nothing happened. could you create 2-3 min screen video about how we can complete this process wholly, from adding keys to publish the application. this video will help much after that for all your customers, not for only me.. because I am really confused. and screenshots and text doesnt help at this point. this takes your 5 min, but save our days.

Hi, we’ve written a tutorial about how to configure back4app and Parse SDK for Tuts+, it’s in pending review so we must just wait for them to approve it, we can’t publish the same tutorial anywhere else, it’s their policy.
Anyway, what do you mean with nothing happened? Have you ran the app via Xcode and sign up as a new user? You will also have to create other test users in your Parse Dashboard or just sign up, then go to the Me screen and logout, and sign up again with a different user, use the app, post something using it and you’ll be able to test your app.
For iTunes Connect submission there are plenty of tutorials, just google it, like: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/iTunesConnect_Guide/Chapters/SubmittingTheApp.html
Or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uX7B8ZfMiw

Hi, nice app but in demo apk i see app crash a lot. when typing or sending comment app crashes every time! and its running kind of slow. its like the app freezes sometimes. thanks

I am really having hard time with this app. i have added these but still same and much crashes now. in every section almost app crashes. 1) On Me section 2) On search section 3) When try to visit someones profile 4) When try to share a post 5) Commenting ( you have to try 4 – 5 times to leave a comment)

Please find complete solution for this. Is it possible to make my own server and host them in my server?

if you dont trust i can send you apk file so can see the crashes. all crashes giving almost same logcat errors

we trust you, just pack your project folder into a zip file, upload it to dropbox and send us its download link by our profile’s contact form, so we’ll check it out as soon as we can, attach your back4app login credentials too.


k170x Purchased

Hey there, I have installed latest Android Studio, built the app and run with App Key and Client key updated and everytime it comes up ‘photofeed has stopped’ Can you help?

We can’t help you without a logcat error message, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and send us your logcat message on crash

Hello! This app is like an “instagram”? Anyone come in, post your photos and your followers will be curtive? Thanks!

Hi, this app doesn’t have all the Instagram’s features, but yes, anyone can sign up and post pictures, follow users, comment, like, etc. You may download the demo APK and test it ;)


Photofeed will not open on my emulator when I select the latest Android 7 and using a Pixel as the device. (API 25). It simply crashes. or “has stopped”

When I switch it down to a Nexus with Android 6.0 (API 23) the app will launch but not operate, it will freeze.

Is this app not compatible with the latest version of Android?

I have a Pixel, and if I cannot test the app on my physical android device then I will ask for a refund.. Please let me know how to fix or what error logs you may need to help me.

hi, i’m on Easter vacation until tuesday so i can’t access the code, anyway please contact me by my profile’s contact form and send me the logcat message you get on crash (the red part), and i’ll get back to you asap

and btw please always test apps on a real device, Emulator may fail, real devices tell the truth

Can I use this app with a self-hosted Parse backend instead of back4app? This is very crucial for me, my decision to buy it depends so much on your answer on this.

yes you can but i’m not experienced with it so you can read the official documentation: http://parseplatform.org/