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I am getting this error: please help :(

null): Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)


mail me and send full screen shot error

email sent… thanks!

Hello Gentelman, I run a photography studio, I wanna play the roll of Sincerely, my clients send me their pictures and I print it for them. Can that happen via your app? I am looking forward for a positive answer


Hi Please go to http://support.studio76.pro and create ticket. Thank you

Interesting! How are the real postcard send? I think the users pays for the real postcard, but how and where ?

All integrated into the app itself. The user creates a postcard and pay it with PayPal

What is the diff. between regular and extended license ?

So IAP’s are in regular license too ?

license applies only to our code, other information can be obtained from the provider postcards here https://sincerely.com/legal/tos

something is missing…

Watermark on Images, then I will buy…

For parks, restaurants and public places…

Picture with a logo of the place…

We do not see this complexity. Need additional features, please contact customer support.

Hi, I wanted an information, such as payments are being made? The postcard will be printed on that email? thanks

Hi. Postcard delivered by mail to the real address. Payments – paypal. Thanks

we who buy the app that we print and send the postcard and receive payments right? ..,

Postcard provider – Sincerely

Hi, I have several errors on the app that I purchased “PostCard” I opened a tiket from 2 days but no one answers, I know the reason? thanks

Response time support groups since writing the ticket – 48 hours

Hi, you answered but have not solved the problem and I can not publish the app, how long should I wait for the problem to be solved?

answered in ticket

I am getting an error when building.

Hi. please go to http://help.studio76.pro Thank you!


Is it possible to see a live example on itunes for this app? This looks good. Thank you

Hi, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/postcard-poctovye-otkrytki/id827503893?ls=1&mt=8 thanks ( or click “Live preview” on page item)

ERROR ITMS-9000: This bundle is invalid. Apps that include an arm64 architecture are required to include armv7 architecture.

Any questions about the product support ask the support center http://support.studio76.pro


There are many things that are not understood, I signed up for the site you gave us, there’s? List app in public Sincerely App Gallery ?: What does this mean ? what I’m suppose to do with it? how can i create XML file … you need to send us more information so i shouldnt ask any questions.

Please go to support site http://support.studio76.pro and write new ticket. thanks

This is your answered to me ? i already open there ticket . i need answers fast .

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: “OBJC_CLASS$_SYSincerelyController”, referenced from: objc-class-ref in ViewController.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

Please fix it

Good day! Please go to https://studio76.pro/support and create new ticket. Thanks

Is this app still working and supported (64 bit)? Thanks.

in two days we integrate own editor. expect updates

Thanks, looking forward to that.

Will there be any update on this? Thanks.

Any update on this?


danet13 Purchased

Hello, I can not handle the app because it no longer exists queso website that reported in the literature:


What should I do? Thanks so much