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Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

Thank you.

good job, nice ! i wish you lots of sales and a nice weekend ;)


1. i’m assuming once the photos are added from photo library into the app, the photos disappear from the phone’s photo library?

2. and once the photos are deleted from the app, do the photos return to the phone’s photo library?

3. any plans on adding text messages?

hello, 1. when you add photos to app. It copies to app and keep original photos in photo library. 2. Once user delete photos from app. it goes completely but if user want to put photos to photo library he can do so before delete. 3. I will add new features if i sell more than 10 source codes. Thank you.

Nice template but is there support for touch ID ?

Hello, There is no touch ID support for now. It is for later releases. If i sell more that 10 template i will add new features. Thank you.

Your app only support photos, not videos? How to enable for video?

Hello, It supports only photos. Thank you.

Hi ,Please can you add interstitial ads

Okay i will add when i have time. probably next week.

I just updated code with interstitials support you can download once it is approved by codecanyon.