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Wonderful Developer! Really goes the extra mile. You can trust to buy from them. =) And I’m a longtime Code Canyon buyer, I know what it’s like to get burned, so trust me on this one lol

Thank you :)

Hello, please i need help. The save feature does not save in the right way the image with the sticker on it.When i save ore want to share the image, i’m not seeing the sticker anywhere or it shows only a piece of it somewhere in the screen.Please fix this problem. Suggestion, can you provide a gallery of the created pictures also?I think it is necessary in this type of app. Looking forward to hear about it. Thanks

Hi thank you for the purchase please check the new update it has been approved it will solve the issue and we will consider your suggestion for future updates

Thank you :)

Can you please let us know what is the 2nd update all about. thanks.

We sent you the update before it was approved so from your side no need to do anything and for other users there is a text file contains the information

The interstitials are not working for me, only the banners. I have changed the edit activity displayinterstitial to every one time for testing purposes and they do not show. Everything else is working fine. What am I missing?

Hi please make sure that the displayinterstital code as the following public void displayInterstitial() { if (adsCounter == 3) { if (interstitial.isLoaded()) {; } adsCounter = 0; } else { adsCounter += 1; } }

You can cahnge the 3 to any value

It is all the same, but I have the adscounter value to “1” for testing. The interstitials still do not show.

Try again it should fine it also depends on the Admob inventory

¿I can test this app before buying?

Hi I already bought your other app, slefie pics. Will I get psd files of stickers? I want to translate them :)

Hi thank you for the purchase but we don’t have a psd for the stickers

Hi, I have bought your product, but it still have any error there. Please help me, I’m wait for your good response asap. thanks

Hi please change you project’s Build Target to Android 4.4 (19) or higher

Okay, I have been fix it, but the admob does not show in my app. Are we need to change the code with your Update.txt file?

Hi, If you download the software after 27/11/2014 no need to do anything if you follow the documentation right for the Admob part you need to wait to see the admob because it depends on Admob inventory


Me again.

(1) Can you please help me change the font in the ‘add text’ feature? How do I go about this?

(2) Also, is there a way for me to increase the sticker size? I mean, how can I make the app accept stickers with bigger sizes?


Hi in the DraggableText you can define a custom typeface and supply it to the following line mPaint.setTypeface(customTypeFace);

change the sticker size would require a lot of customiztion


Hi there,

Any chance of you doing this for IOS?



Currently there is no plan for IOS

hi lg g3, cannot select picture from phone (i tried your demo apk), after click blank page, from camera ok.

nice script. will buy if you update the demo.

this app can add more font ? to pick differ 2-3 font to use in app

Hi, You need to customize the code to support multiple fonts Thanks

Hi there,

When I open the testing app it gives me this error Required XML attribute “adUnitld” was missing.

Also, I see that when I take a photo, it inserts the photo in the app like landscape style instead of protrait.

Any help ?


The adUnit is missing because the Admob value is empty in the demo you just need to add your admob ID


This code can add more Sticker or edit Sticker ?

please reply thank you


Yes you can just follow the documentation


I send email to you please read email my code error

thank you

Request documents how to install. step by step documentation, thanks.

Hi, In strings.xml please check the documentation

How to fix this problem, Thankyou.

on line 93 : String adsID = getResources().getString(R.string.admob_banner); if (adsID != null && !adsID.isEmpty()) { loadAds(); on line 103 : String adsID = getResources().getString(R.string.admob_banner); if (adsID != null && !adsID.isEmpty()) { displayInterstitial(); }

Did u remove any of the strings

Can add sticker size over 300px+ ?

I test sticker size 320*450 it not add to photo

How to fix or edit code ?

Please reply thank you

Hi it is not recommended because it will consume a lot of memory

or can resize zoom in zoom out when select photo gallery ?

You can resize the sticker o rotate them

How to i can change font text in app

Thank you

Hi in the DraggableText you can define a custom typeface and supply it to the following line mPaint.setTypeface(customTypeFace);

Thanks :)

Hello the app is good just want to know Which max pixel is supported

i tried to add custom stickers near size 400px and 500px wide the app display no images on the image chooser and clicking on some sticker is reopen camera or image from start

Hello ITdevapps,

Already purchased this app, i was wondering how to add 15-20 more sticker in to the present stickers say total present stickers+ my added stickers would be like 40-50. Please assist me ill share my email id in msg if you would like to.. thanks

soporta android Studio ?

It would be nice to get a response from this vendor.

I sent an email asking why when I follow the instructions in the PDF changing the name of the required areas pictured in the PDF I get errors from all the com.example.whatever.

I’m using eclipse android build 4.4.2

I installed everything from the sdk manager so that I left nothing to chance.

Can you tell me why this is happening?

Never mind I believe I figured it out. However it does confirm my first thought about your documentation. That is, it lacks details and in how to handle potential errors.