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How difficult would it be to add a transparency funckion to the overlay stickers?

Just add a transparent stickers to the assets

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hi test moto g 4.4 but image no rotate on “take picture icon” and photos on galery “Open picture icon “no show on app. cool app please fix bug i like

sorry but with new version, problems are active.

Please try to remove the old version then installing the new one

this app walpaper risque or not for google play

Hello this is not a wallpaper App , this is a photo stickers camera App where you can add stickers and captions to photos , all you need to do is change the project name and upload to Google play

how secure asset folder? because i have some idea about this sticker, if you help me i can purchase it?

Asset folder is compiled inside the APK file so users with basic so users with basic experience can’t get the assets

can I add custom font (.ttf) to this app please you add custom font for this app

Hi yes you can customize the font in the app you need just to change one file and add your font to the project

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What’s new for latest update?

Thank you for the purchase, the update in the Admob display counter of the interstitial

i export to apk , it can install but it alway close. help me plz.

wow … good support. and nice application.

i forgot to ask you .. when interstitial ads show. i see banner only.

After 3 times user add stickers you can change it in the edit activity displayinterstitial… ok … AAA+

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hi, Put a stick in the bottom of a picture … I keep the result. When I go to the gallery, see the photo saved with the stick placed on top, not where I put it. Why ??

Please send us email to to help you with the issue

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hi I have sent you a message from my mail salehdomain

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To all of our valued customers please check the new update

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What’s new in the update?

Hi, The update include a bug fix for the location of the stickers on some devices in the update we included a text file for the update instructions without re-import the project again Please note that the update still in the approval process

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OK. Will just wait for that :) Thanks. In the meantime, can you possibly help me? Admob Ads don’t appear on my app. I already inserted my app ids in the strings.xml file. Is there something else that I should do to implement the ads? Ty

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When choosing a picture on my Nexus 5, the picture does not import. Why is that?

Hi please send us email to help you

I’ve send you email with no response.. When using the text. it cutting off the tops. I need to upload this app by Friday at the latest. How can I solve this issue. Please refer to the email for the specifics. thanks.

my friend. the letter F ..looks like a F.. not a weird T , what are you talking about? please explain. the “top” of the F is being CUT .. off

I was able to solve my problem. if anyone has this issue, seems lke it was with the F’s .. hit me up.

Hi, To Solve the text issue in com.example.photosticker.model In in the line public DraggableText(Bitmap b, String text, int color) {

Change int height = size1;

With int height = size1 + 15;

Please answer here, so others can learn as well.

When you create a new folder for stickers, you also need to create an icon.png file. This file is also showing up in the folder as one of the items. How can I stop this. Thanks.

Please for customizations use the email because we don’t get a notification for new comments

You stated in another post, you can change the font. Can you document this process for us. thanks.

ok.. so what you said to do up there, is not the only thing to do.. there is more? can you outline this process please. others will want to do this, thanks.

A Font should be supplied as something called a typeface

Typeface youCustomFont = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), “fonts/impact.ttf”); mPaint.setTypeface(youCustomFont);

But you will have a problem with getAssets because you need to supply the context

so basically we can no do this, unless we know java.. thanks.