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Also, when i import to eclipse, class Matrix is missing

Hi, can you send the android studio version?

Yes I can

can you send me the code for android studio? thanks

no it is developed in ecplise.

You give full documentation to reskin? I see many questions here..

Ya you will get it after u buy the app. Thanks

hi i see the demo i couldn’t rotate the photo

hi plz can u send me the code to import in android studio??thx

hi i send u many email but no respond…plzz i need the android studio version

i will upload it soon. Thanks,

ok thx

i tried demo, your camera orientation is wrong in my emulator

and either my real device, useless

it is because some device behave wrong orientation. within the app i have opened devices camera only.

Please try with different device.


when taking on main/back camera, photo not appear

1. do you have a live version on Google Play or example? 2. Just confirming if I could use eclipse to update the images and include Admob?

yes it is developed in eclipse.

please let me know if you have received my email on 8 June. about issues with ADT plugin & API versions.

yes got and replied already. Thanks

Hi, can send me the Android Studio version please?

how much extra?

hallow! how much extra i need to pay??

Please personal email me. Will discuss and let you know. Thanks,

can we resize the stickers with our hands ?

Yes you can,

It changed the packagname but did not show adsadmob!

You have not bought my product. Thanks,

can the photos post on FB?

Yes you can .


Do you support android nougat and marshmallow ?


yes, i have it. Mail me i will send you there. Thanks,

please send your email

hi there do you have an android studio version of the source code? thanks!

Yes , Application developed in android studio only. Thanks,

Hi i bought this code,when i build i am getting build error because of import com.myandroid.views.MultiTouchListener; import com.myandroid.views.myView;

It is saying package com.myandroid.views not found, class MultiTouchListener not found and class myView not found.When i check the source code icould not find these classes.Please help me to resolve this.