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if i bought this can you remove admob for me?

Yes i will do it for you free. Thanks


Do you have Android studio version?

Yes please purchase

Do you use aviary sdk in this photoeditor?

No application does not use aviary sdk. Photoeditor made by us and its customizable. Thanks

is this app support android 5.x?

Yes of course

i bought source code but i can’t download via IDM, limit download for 24h ???? please send me source code, i will send u my info and my billing

Thanks for purchase try with normal browser download and if still cant download please mail me via profile page I will reply that mail with code. Thanks

??? please response my email

Sent via email

Hi! Do you have a Android Studio version?

You I still have not sent anything

if i bought this can you send a Android Studio version for me?

Yes of course after puchase mail me

I have purchase this template, i interesting to make it custom. If you can, please contact me at budisjati@gmail.com. I will send you the details. Thanks.

I need it for Android Studio and Android 6

How long? When?

Hi, can you send ir to brunno@velascoti.com ???

Hi, can you send ir to brunno@velascoti.com ???

Hi, nice job .) did you publish this app in google play store?

I tried to start the app with the emulator, but it does not work: “Failed to install Insta Shape.apk on device ‘emulator-5554’”

Hi i just purchased. Can you send me the Android Studio version. Thank you. Product looks great

it’s been a week. Still haven’t heard from you. I commented and emailed you. That’s poor customer service

Hi, please wait I will sent it. Within some hour. Thanks

I will buy this apk,but this programm not contain a put sticker and text function ,can you help me to include this function in app?

can’t you add stickers in code source ?

please add text function …. thank you

can’t you add stickers in code source ?

Hi, I purchased your template and I need it for Android Studio with Android 6 support. Can you send it to me? Thanks!

What I have to do to receive the Android Studio version with Android 6?

Where are you? It´s very important. URGENT

Pre-Purchase question: I see in the comments that you provide the code also in Android Studio, correct? Which version?

ok, does it support Android 6?

quick answer?

Hi , Do you have Android Studio Version ?

Would you please send me the Android version to , karim.abdelhameed@bluecrunch.com

Hello bro,I have bought this app about 1 year and a half but Now it is not showing that I bought it and am not getting an updates,I can show you the source code if you want to be sure that I bought it

Okay please mail me via profile.

Does it contain Photo Square option in it? Like Insta Sqaure..