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Hello Vishal, Is it possible to provide service for a modified version of this app ?

Thanks for the interest. Can you tell me what kind of service you are thinking of? Yes if you need the item with updated the things and new features you like I can provide you that services in a separate thread.

1. Can we use any photo meaning any image? 2. Are we limited to number of images?

Yes we can use any images but try to use png as they support transparency, we can use jpg as well no issue. No it’s up-to you to add number of images to make smooth sequence and fine looking animation. (Only need to note size of the app .apk)


How to I set .png background ?

Right. For more discussion on this and offer please contact me via email : vishbodkhe@gmail.com

Not good because would be too expensive. I will buy in chupamobile 69 dollar live wallpaper http://www.chupamobile.com/android-full-applications/christmas-live-wallpaper-2190/comments

because Multiple App License $69.00 Create and distribute unlimited Apps.

Ok. Fine no problem.

You may interested in similar live wallpaper app with new/unique feature: http://www.chupamobile.com/android-full-applications/drink-live-wallpaper-with-admob-3731


Please visit once.

This app really don’t work

When trying to put a .JPG image sequence, there is always an UGLY black frame

Where is the transparency ? Can’t use it on a actual WP image ?

This software is totally unusable…

Scaling cannot be the error. If you personally needed this feature. You need to pay extra for this. You can search for this if you needed. In item we provide support for like set up issues, errors in app, ads issues, ready for apk issues. Hope you understood. You can email me if you need anything else from now. Thanks

So your software is totally unusable, as I said : no scaling of the pictures, no setup, etc… My money is lost !

I already provided you a working version according to your need and your png sequences, you agreed that you got what you need and working well. Now for a small thing you change your decision and commenting wrong on this public board.

The scaling is already there in code and working well for different sizes devices. I cannot provide you the item with your personal features.

I will update the item if there is issue in code and scaling problem found.


uncommented “scaling code” in doInBackground();

when lauching : app stops

Nullpointer exception at setFrameXYposition

>>> Crashing when scaling is not a small thing >>> Scaling for all devices is required

Please send me your project in zip on my email id, to check this issue and scaling.

Hello!I have a problem while testing a programme on different gadgets and in programme eclipse. After animation there is a short pause with black display and then animation statrts again and i don’t need this pause.and i need your advice,how to loop animation without pauses?

OK. Let me check and solve the pause issue. Please email me on vishbodkhe@gmail.com for further communication for help. Thanks, Vishal

Hello I have written to you in the mail when you can give an answer?

Ok. Thanks. Once please let me know your email. I am updating item today so it may take 1-2 days to approve. I have solve that pause bug. I will send you source code right now on email. Thanks, Vishal

how can I make the image automatically to fit the mobile screen, mine was horrible : http://prntscr.com/44c9df

else the last image flashes in the background before starting again, help me, thank you!

Hi, I checked your screenshot. But I to check I need your one of image from your sequence to cross check working and scale to fit.

I have fixed last image flashing bug and I have updated the item too.

Please send me email on vishbodkhe@gmail.com with image and I will send you updated source code on email so no more waiting.

Thanks, Vishal

It will wroking with new admob on 4 Aug?

Yes. AdMob is integrated with latest Google Play Services library. (Latest AdMob). You can purchase and I am always here to Support you.

Hi, how much experience does one need to create the live wallpapers with custom images? I have photoshop experience but I don’t code, don’t know code. I know a bit of After Effects but again no code experience at all. Is this something I could use?

You can create great and amazing live wallpaper app from this ready app. You just need to change/update the images sequences and some required changes in app to make it yours like app name, package name, app icon,etc. You will get documentation on how to make ready app from start to end. If in case you want me to make ready app for you and you will provide images sequences then I can do that as a extra services for customization and you just need to pay for that effort. You can email me at : vishbodkhe@gmail.com for more information. Thanks, Vishal

Hi Vishal,

I have purchased your source code and followed your guidance through the documentation and all gone well except in the last; Eclipse is not allowing me to export the APK because it is saying ‘AndroidManifest.xml:22: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘value’ with value ’@integer/google_play_services_version’ I have also emailed you a screenshot of the issue, can you please assist me with that?

Thanks a lot.

I can help you on your system. Let me reply your email. Thanks