Discussion on Photo Selector - PHP app for convenient selection of images. Liking, commenting, rating system.

Discussion on Photo Selector - PHP app for convenient selection of images. Liking, commenting, rating system.

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hey, How are you doing!?

Our customer bought the Photo Selector Script and is very happy with it. Now we have also bought the folder extension and now have a few questions:

- Is it possible to move an existing gallery into a created folder? If yes how?

- Can we create another group in a created group or folder to have everything a bit clearer?

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards

Hi, please contact me via email

Hi, i sent a mail to you :)

Best Regards

Hi. tell me if i send a link to a gallery to three clients they won’t be able to work with them with this gallery at the same time, because if one adds photos the other one has the same on his computer? It’s not really normal

the product description does not say that only one person can work with the gallery. Only one person can order a print and pay at a time.

I don’t know if I understand correctly, but you mean placing orders using the Cart plugin?

If so, many customers can place orders from one gallery or group of galleries (if you have the appropriate “Gallery groups” plugin).

Select an individual cart in the cart settings options, not a common for every visitor. Then each person who enters the gallery will be able to place their individual orders and they will not be visible to other people visiting the gallery link.

Information for buyers about uploading photos: You can easily upload dozens or even hundreds of photos from the administration panel.

There is no easy way that would allow an alternative method of uploading photos to the application, e.g. via FTP.

When uploading photos, the application performs a number of actions that are not easy to recreate manually.

Of course, if you need to know exactly what to do because, for example, you are a developer and you integrate the Photo Selector application with other software, then contact me and I will tell you what exactly the application does.

Hi. Tell me how to upload photos via FTP

Hi, please contact me via email

Hello, I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I can’t tell if the photographer can put his ratings, so the clients can see which ones the photographer liked. Then clients can send their selections as well. Thank you for your time.

The administrator can freely change the photo ratings from the administration panel and these changes will be visible to the user to whom the galleries have been shared.

make plugin for wallpaper themplate

Hi there. Can you tell me how can I remove the link to your website from the bottom of the gallery. PLEASE OPEN THIS PRINT SCREEN TO UNDERSTAND ME BETTER :

Hi, please contact me via email

Hello, is it possible to use cloud Storage? Ex. DigitalOcean

hello, nope cloud storage is not supported.


mrbird Purchased

I would like a function under “Settings” where you can set random names for the uploaded photos

Hi, this feature is not planed in future versions of Photo Selector.

Hello and how are you doing I love your script a lot but. I have 2 questions. 1. Does your script support Adsense or Facebook Ads if yes I will buy it. If No when will you add it ? your quick response will be much appreciated

HI, nope, and no plans for that

Hello and how are you doing I love your script a lot but. I have 2 questions. 1. Does your script support Adsense or Facebook Ads if yes I will buy it. If No when will you add it ? your quick response will be much appreciated

Hi, nope, and no plans for that

I am interested in buying this system,

I don’t want the filename and extension to appear I want to add name and description

You can hide filenames in gallery options but there is no way to display your custom words in that place. You can alternatively add comments to every photo.

Great product with supper support – I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an easy-to-use system that non-technical teams can operate.

I do not understand your logic with the new cart update… When you add an image to the cart, No variants are showing, unless you press the change button then the Variants are shown, are after adding an image to the cart, from the gallery if you double click the cart icon under the image the variants are shown in the cart.?

I also do not understand why you allow an order to be summited without any variants in the order?

Can you add in the in the gallery setting a option to show Variants, and not to allow the order summited unless all Variant required are selected before the order is summited?

First, as an explanation, you wrote a comment under the wrong item. Your comments relate to the Photo Selector plugin.

I don’t think you understand this idea yet. If you have defined variants in the cart settings, the customer will be able to select them additionally. After clicking the “add to cart” icon under the photo, the photo is added to the cart for the price you set in the settings. When you click on this icon again under the photo that is in the cart, this photo will be displayed with the option of selecting additional variants for it or removing it from the cart. When browsing the cart, you can also edit each photo and add different variants for each photo. It’s a simple and logical solution. Variants are optional, when the customer wants to add 50 different photos to the cart without additional variants, it would be burdensome for him to display the variants selection window each time when adding to the cart.

As for the “Include variants added to the cart …” option: By default, only the price of the added photos is counted for the minimum order amount, not the variants (the number of photos required to meet this amount is displayed). Select this option to count variants as well.

I recommend you to check the plugin page because additional options are planned in the future, such as “requiring at least one variant for a photo to be selected.”

I do believe that you are misreading my comments…Because in cart ver 1.02 every time an image was added to the cart ALL of the variants options were shown for that image.

So I send you a private message to show you visually what I’m trying to say.

In the previous version of the plugin, it was not possible to set the price for adding an image to the cart, so that’s why the variants to choose from were immediately displayed. Now you have this option, so variants are optional. When the photo is in the cart, the add to cartbutton next to the photo is visually different and pressing it again takes you to the choice of variants.

I will reply to your email soon.

Hello, i’ve purchased this plugin as from your response to Wptit it was said that ftp upload of images into the gallery was supported and i needed something similar for a shooting tomorrow, but unfortunately it does not recognize any images uploaded through ftp

Please contact me via email

Hi, looking for some customization. Will you be available?

Please contact me via email

Is there any way to monetize the website? I didn’t see any advertisement option.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly? What is monetization about?

Is there any way that the external client / user can upload images to the gallery?

Nope, only admin can upload images.

Hi Team, can I use this software as SAAS using extended license ?

Yes, you need an extended license for this application to use as SAAS and an extended license for the plugins you intend to use as SAAS.

This is so close to what I want. I want to be able to sell pictures and the script would automaticly delete the picture from the gallery. This would increase the value of the pictures, as the owner would know they have the only picture.


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