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I am interested in buying this system, how is the translation process? I need a Portuguese / English version.

Another question is if you provide all the source code to install and modify if necessary in our hosting.

Source code is included

Would it be possible to implement a counter of how many images are selected or commented? This is a basic function existing in all systems of this type.

This functionality exists, simpy filter images to display only commented and in top right corner you have how many images are commented

I think I was not very clear, in the current way it is not interesting to do this control, most image selection systems have a counter on the page itself that starts at 0 and alternates as you select or comment on the images.

Like this:

it’s hard to distinct what is selection and what is not, there are many possibilities in Photo selector, tagging, commenting, rating, adding colors. So there are no counter

Nice work. Can you give me a good price? I had buy youmap.

hi , ary you here ? I had send a email to you.

The price is constant and it does not change often.

Need some config ? It works at http://localhost, not works at my host. HTTP ERROR 500

ERROR – 2018-11-17 01:51:58 -> Severity: error -> Exception: Session: Configured save path ’’ is not a directory, doesn’t exist or cannot be created. /www/wwwroot/test/photos/system/libraries/Session/drivers/Session_files_driver.php 138

please contact me via email

How many images can be uploaded at a time ?

There are no limits for that. App was tested up to 5000 images in gallery and works good.

How much cost to integrate sms gateway integration for notification. (email notification also maintained ) ?

Please contact me via email for details.

looks very interesting I am surprised you didn’t include a vote in (up down) system of some sort?

This functionality is not planned but I can modificate it for your needs. Please contact me via email for details.

Is it possible to add logo / branding to the galleries?

You need to edit source code that is included in package.

I saw there is a dev version of the CSS files, but are there any best practices how to combine the edited files into a new one? Also is there a non-destructive way to change the appearance without breaking the changes with the update? Something like the child themes in Wordpress.

There is no easy way to preserve your changes in source code when updating to new version. You can create new CSS file and add it to <head> section in app.


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Your server does not meet the following requirements in order to run Photo Selector properly:

Imagick PHP extension missing, images will be displayed in lower quality

The application uses a graphic library to reduce images to properly display them on various devices. The best library is Imagick, a little worse GD. Your server does not have Imagick installed, so GD is used.

Hello, just installed and it is working great exept that i Can’t find where is logo url, i want to change it can you point wich file to eddit to do that?

All the best.

hi, please contact my via email


I want to ask, can i upload other typers of files (like doc or pfd’s) or only jpg and png’s? Is there any plugin that offers me this type of options?

Thank you.

Only image files are accepted.

How do you change Watermark? and why don’t you have a menu setting for this?

Please contact me via email, I will give you instructions on how to replace the file containing the watermark.

How do you add a Logo to the Client Gallery? and why don’t you have a menu setting for this?

By design, the application does not display any logo in the gallery you share. If you have further questions, please contact me by email.

Show help on gallery startup can you add a option for this to be shown each time the gallery is access?

Of course, you can modify the application code to display this help every time. At the moment, the help window is displayed only once on the device on which the gallery is opened. If you have further questions, please contact me via email.

It would be great if there were categories for pictures

You can create as many galeries as you want with different images.