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Error establishing a database connection. Just thought I should let you know.

Hi thanks, we just noticed this now. It’s now fixed :)

Thanks, still some problems though, see below.

Error establishing a database connection

Hi thanks, we just noticed this now. It’s now fixed :)

great idea but already the devices are out of date :) iMacs for example. any plans to update?

We have new devices like iPhone 6 and iPad Mini Retina… Also, we’ll be updating our Mockups every now and then as we find more cool and awesome pictures. :P

I really want to buy this but there seems to be errors in this. The most recent error generated when playing with a demo wordpress install was the following php error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’/’ in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/demos/public/wp-content/themes/demos2/single.php on line 31

Hi, there’s a problem with the theme we’re using for the demo. This is not related to the plugin as the problem lies with themes/demos2/single.php. Pages are fine though, so you can play around there.

We’re going to fix this problem :) Thanks for letting us know

The problem with the theme has been fixed! :)

AHHH SNAP! another Awe$ome GambitTech release is born! Definately adding to my arsenal of awesome WP tools, just curious would it be possible to have like a super slow sliding (vertical and horizontal with long or wide images) so it feels like a scrolling effect? And maybe videos in an update maybe??

+1 vote for new devices’ mockups

One question please: does image description automatically like shown in your demo?

Thanks, Igor

Yes. You can either set on the same ‘special location’ (including the “3D like” effect on the text.) Or you can also set them somewhere else like Center, Top or Bottom.

And here is an example of how their options look like in the backend:

I have followed your instructions but every time I add a new gallery this text pops up in the post dashboard when writing a new article and once published; please can you advise how to correct this??

Warning: Missing argument 3 for GambitPhotoRealMockup::renderGalleryShortcode() in /home/marvelinnovation/public_html/wp-content/plugins/photo-real-mockups/class-plugin.php on line 367

word press 4.1.1, I use it via add media. When I go into settings whatever slide or fade setting I use or photo mock up image I still get the same message.


We’ll be looking up on this problem. And will reply again as soon as we get our findings.

Turns out that this warning doesn’t do any harm by any means.

But we still did a clean up for this one. If you wish to get the update, please file a ticket in our Support Website at :)

Anyway to make stuff with your own images as mockups?

Do you mean using your own mobile/laptop/desktop images for Mockup? (correct me in case it is something else.)

And no, as much as we would like it to go this way, but trying to fit the image just exactly to the mockup and adjusting their angles is complicated.
Despite that, this plugin have many mockups to choose from and we are also willing to take suggestions for future updates. :)


I’m really happy with the Photo Real Responsive Product Mockups. It’s really easy to install and use, and it adds beauty to my website. And I love that it has 20 beautiful high resolution device mockup images to choose from. I look forward to new device mockup images being added as this will add important variety to an already beautiful design. Thank you for this wonderful design!

That’s good to know. And thank you for purchasing and appreciation.
If you have any ideas, feel free to share some suggestions too. :)

Do I need to buy Visual Composure to use this plugin or can it function as a stand alone plugin?

Not necessarily. You can use Photo Realistic Mockups with or without Visual Composer.

To do this, you can create a gallery using Add Media.
Feel free to give it a check on the ‘Launch Demo’ from our Live Preview. :)


Is the product able to work within Revolution Slider?


We tried this one in our sandbox. Unfortunately, the Revolution Slider doesn’t seem to support shortcodes. And the only way to make Photo Real Mockups work is by using its standalone shortcodes.

Hmmm, what a pity. Thanks for your answer.


Hi there, I’ve just bought your plugin. Unfortunately there is an error with the resizing of the images and I was hoping you would give me the CSS / coding fix.

Basically when you resize the screen the image overlay doesn’t resize with the rest of the image – often remaining in a fixed position elsewhere on the screen – like a ghost image. The bug is very prominent when switching between portrait and landscape modes on the iphone. Can you please help to fix this? Otherwise I will have to try and get my money back, because the plugin is presently unusable.

With any standard sites, this plugin should work normally as how it should. But there might be cases that there are some themes that may override the CSS rules.

But before we resort with the possible CSS issue, let’s try this method first: Does this problem also happen with desktop? If yes, please try to resize your window. Does it revert the image back to normal? If yes, please do add this Raw JS and see if this works for your site:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { setInterval(function() { jQuery(window).trigger('resize'); }, 1000); });
If this doesn’t work, please do send us a sample page with the problem. We’ll investigate on this matter by then.

Can I add new custom background images on Photo Real Mockup plug-in?

Hi there! The images from Photo Real Mockups are already pre-designed. :)