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Good luck for sells. !!

Hi very nice! is it an Eclipe or Android Studio project? Thanks!


It is on Eclipse. :-)

Do you have demo apt? UPDATED I found it thank you

Full support or not?

We didn’t understand you by your comments. Please be specific, what do you want to ask ?

hi does it support AdMob, Banner and Interstitial?

Yes..It supports both

hello… I just purchased your code and I am having trouble running it. Plz help

Can you please recheck your code which is avialble for download.. I successfully imported it on eclipse, while on running it, the application just crashes.

The .apk file available for demo works fine, but there might be some glitche in the code.

We checked code. It is working fine. Will you please send us your code to check it ? Please add us in skype for further progress. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Hi freind , I have pershased your app , but he has a problem When the user choose the level 1 2/3 for exemple a pop up message appear look image : http://prntscr.com/aohhtr

the user report this problem

Look this image


Please resolve me this because i buy the traffic and i lose my money

We have added you on Skype with Skype name: help.gurutechnolabs(Paul Smith) Kindly accept it.

Yes i have added you

Okay. Thanks. :-)

Hallo, Is it support android 6.0 (marsmallow) ?

Thank you

Yes. It supports Android 6.0

work whit andriod or eclipse ?

It will work with Android Studio. But if you want eclipse version then we can provide you.

Contact us on skype: help.gurutechnolabs

hi ,ce project travaille sur android studio

hi ; This project works on android studio

Yes. This project works on Android Studio.