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Hello, nice app, good luck, i have a question, is it one stage level, or the user can choose easy or hard, you know in this kind of games its possible to cut the picture to 10 pcs or may be 100. Thanks

App having 3 level stage, easy (3×3), Medium (4×4), Hard (5×5) matrix and you can choose that from Settings Screen.

Please check this app: PICTURE PUZZLE GAME “”


AM interested. I want to use my own images rather than the SD card. How to do that.

Thanks, I will contact you soon by email.

Please check this app: PICTURE PUZZLE GAME “”

Nice work. Good luck with sales.

I’m also interested to use my own images. How I can send you my email for the instructions?

Please contact me with the contact form provided on the main page of the project item. I will get your email and then I can reply you so our communication will be in separate thread. Thanks, Vishal

Please check this app: PICTURE PUZZLE GAME “”

Hi, I am also interested in using my own images instead of the SD card’s, if I give you my email can you show me how to change it?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my item. Actually the app is to read SD card images so user can play with personal photos. Now I got couple of suggestions and they like to change the app to add own images set to play with that images only. This item can be change to get own images app, but need to code and remove most of the screens and icons something like I means it’s not easy to enable disable sd card and enable own added images in apk.

I have planned the same item what you expect and can be easy to your to create set of app’s with different images set. I hope you like that item and you purchase that item as well. If you tell me your email I will inform you once that item approved for sale.


Please check this app: PICTURE PUZZLE GAME “”

Please check this app: PICTURE PUZZLE GAME “”

now admob was migrating to google ads, would you update the admob sdk to google play services ?

Sure. I will update my all item with google play services libs for admob ads. Once approved will let you know. Thanks, Vishal

Hello cant add google analytics?

Yes. We can add Google Analytics but right now if I plan to add it will take some days for this and update item. You can add if you needed right now. I will plan but will take time. Thanks, Vishal

i cant wait :D update.

It will take time to integrate Analytics and update the item. Once update and approved I will let you know. Thanks Vishal


How hard it would be to change the ads source from Admob to Mopub??

It is possible to change the buttons assets to??

It is not hard to change the Admob to Mopub. You need to only add mopub sdk/jar in project and add banner ads view in place where admob view is added.

You can easily change the buttons assets too.

Please let me know if you have any trouble in doing this, I will help you.

Thanks, Vishal

Thanks for the fast answer Vishal

Thanks a lot :)


Hi, You need to put this key in file. Can you please once go through this file, comments and document I have provided with this item. If you have trouble to do please email me on Thanks, Vishal

Hi, Following your steps if I uncomment new SecureUtils(mContext); Then I see error new SecureUtils is not a class. What do I do?

After following your guidance I recive an error when I uncomment new SecureUtils(context);

How to resolve it?

OK. Please try pressing ctrl + O on that file and build project. If still error let me know I can help you tomorrow. Thanks, Vishal

“SecureUtils cannot be resolved to a type”- is the corresponding error msg.

Please send me email on

This apps support new admob?

Issue fixed. Thanks

Hey never put teamviewer id and pass on this public area. Anyone can access you system. ok. Jusr email me all if you have any questions from next time. I provide support on email only.

Please check now. Issue fixed. Thanks

HI Did you get a response to it not working on Samsung Note 2 with SD Card

Hello Neil, please check your email inbox. I have sent you apk to check. Please reply to my email. Thanks

Hello, Yesterday I bought the source code of photo puzzle game from you, but I did not find admob ads and i can’t find where i’ll add my banner and initialize ads ?

You mean Team viewer ?

Please check your email.s

can i import in android studio ?

Today or tomorrow this apps will be updated with Studio package as well. Then you can check and purchase. Thanks

hello, can you add onesignal notifications?

Hi, thanks for your interest. All my items are updated with Studio + Eclipse Project, it is getting reviewed. Yes, I can add one signal notifications in the coming week.