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hi, nice source code. i’m happy about your work. i need to ask, how can i put image for background? i seen it’s only color to change, give me your tutorial to change it. thanks

From what it seems some people have problems with the code.

Can you please include instructions on how to use more than 5 pictures?

can you update with online score ?

I can, but I don’t do customization

how i can add more photo ?

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

how can ad my admob code ?

AdMob already integrated. You need only to enter your AdMob IDs in “strings.xml” file. See documentation.

how can I change to apk. after the zip file downloaded and extracted without edit

if I could refund the purchase . I may not count on using them . and does not understand coding

To make an APK file from the source code you need to compile and to publish the project in Android Studio

i want refund my payment. because error after publishing to apk

app support still alive?

Eclipse project.


joeyosef Purchased

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