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Awesome Water Effects :) Best of luck for good sales

Thanks for appreciation.

app is bugy….it crashes and doesn’t work correctly

What bug you got ? Can you tell me in details ?

does it have admob or any ads integrated?

Yes it having admob banner and interstitial. Thanks ,

Hi, The app crashes every time! Here is the crash log image


Please fix it because right now the App is useless…. :( Ofer


Can you please described your error in details ? Which device and when you are getting error. Etc.

Here is my mail id. codeagent0@gmail.com


Hi, I am planning to purchase this app. However it seems there are some problem with this.

I am getting crash every time while I am trying to load photo from gallery or directly from camera. I tried around 10 time.

Please fix this bug. I am planning to purchase this app.

okay i will check it out.


@+id/imageView1 is not a sibling in the same RelativeLayout

Issue: Checks for id references in RelativeLayouts that are not

<LinearLayout android:id=”@+id/linear” android:layout_width=”wrap_content” android:layout_height=”match_parent” android:layout_alignParentLeft=”true” android:layout_alignParentRight=”true” android:layout_alignTop=”@+id/imageView1” <<error android:gravity=”center” android:orientation=”vertical” >


You still getting issues ? Please PM me.

Can you create simple video reskin and send me? che_aod@hotmail.com


I can do re skin with some extra pay.


How to change version in play store?

You can change it from manifeiast file.


How to use w1-w7 pic file?

You mean images ?

I built your code and re-skined it. That was OK, but I found a big bug. Please help fix it:

Using the front camera on Nexus 5, with Android 5, gave very nice mirror photo. But when using the main camera, the mirror photos were scaled down. This would give very bad user experience with the app.

Another annoying issue is that mirror photos captured by using your code have redundant black areas added on top and bottom (look like very thick black frame on top and bottom of the photo). Please update your code to fix this too. Tks!

Can you send me screen shots ?

i test in your apk file ,But Where photo filter effect.
and when click setting it show nothing

-and why in main menu can’t click picture star and share

-in mode water reflect ,can change to select reflect type ?
i mean have many reflect or wave filter select to use

-can add more normal filter

-when take camera in app it can’t select to use that photo

-i don’t know when test in phone can’t open photo that take from phonecamera it not show photo in crop menu
but other photo can crop ,and test in tablet it ok

Yes we can do any customization with code.

I can do customization for you.,

PM me if you are interested in.


I just download your demo, and can’t save the photo to my device. Can you tell me why?

Hello, Path where photo saved:sdcard/photo mirror/ Check the path manually. If you want to see the photo in gallery quickly i can do this for you. Mail me:codeagent0@gmail.com if you are interested.

Thank you

Hi. Can you make the fb shared photo better? I mean there is black area of my photo when I shared it to my fb. Thanks.

Can you send me shared image on codeagent0@gmail.com

Can i make my own effects when i’m reskinning it’s possible or only the originals effects ?

U can make your own effects . to make your own effects u need to make changes in code. Thanks

just by replacing images or what ?

No not with just change in image you need to do code.

i want o purchase ur this app. plz contact me email: raj1232@gmail.com

I did already. Thanks,