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Hi, is it only the .apk file is included or the complete source code? This is made with Eclipse?

Full source code you will get.

Hi, Does it support latest 5.1 and upcoming versions ? thanks

Yes it can support

I bought this app, could please help me how to create more hoardings/frames. Is there any software to create. please guide me.

I bought this item, Got error while clicking on Pencil icon.

can i use the same API KEY, and how to modify android:authorities value?

It will work below android version 5 . Thanks,

hi are you there is there admob ads

Yes admob Is there

Can i edit with Eclipse IDE

yes. it is developed in eclipse/.

I do not have ads showing banner inexisting and interstrial?

Please change package name and add new admob ids.

Do you have slove all source code error? I want to buy your source code, Thanks

You can buy. I am here to help you. if you found any issues.

How to fix error while clicking on Pencil icon ?

Did you changed package name ?? Please pm me and describe issue in details.thanks

Sure , Test APK file on Genymotion simulator , when click on edit button always error ( Unfortunately App.. has stopped )

Email to you already and waiting for reply

If you have changed package name also change package name in your manifest file or aviary Thanks,

I can’t run this code in Eclipse program. It always show error “Your project contains error(s), please fix them before running your application.” How can I solve this problem?

I already did.