Photo Hoardings

Photo Hoardings

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Demo apk file : Demo


Reference apps you can make something like these apps:

Some reference apps that is on play store:

Features :

  1.  splash screen.
  2.  Camera/gallery selection.
  3.  Rate us.
  4.  Share app.
  5.  selection of frame 25 + hordings frames in code.
  6.  Left right image rotation.
  7.  Edit image with aviary library and set edited image in hoardings.
  8.  Share hording image with whats app, mail etc.
  9.  set as wallpaper.
  10.  admob/intersitials ads.
  11.  Clean attractive UI.
  12. Developed in android studio and it is compatiblw with all latest android OS. 
  13. Support 24×7 hours. 
  14. Well documented. 

What you will get :

  1.  Source code.
  2.  step by step documentation.
  3.  screenshots.
  4. .apk file.
  5. 24×7 hours support.

Ask me if you have any modification. We available for freelancing work in reasonable price.

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