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is it possible to create a custom cover image and not have it part of the gallery itself?


Thanks Kev, This module not support for custom cover image, i will update these soon and select image from only one part, is these easier?

That would be awesome if you could! HOw soon could you get this ?


I have one project must finish this month, please tell me you which features your want for next update _


Looks very similar to a free Drupal 6 module called Node Gallery. Node Gallery had cover images, as well. Unfortunately, Node Gallery is not stable nor feature complete in Drupal 7.

Thank you very much, TapSkill.

Is it compatible with Drupal 7?


Yes, dtommy79. Thank you very much.

Hi were looking for a script that will allow us to upload around 8-10 images on our drupal site every day. Would your script allow us to easily add images and title/descriptions to them? Thanks

There are an enormous number of Drupal modules for a photo gallery. Does anyone have any experience with this Photo Gallery offering and is it worth spending the money? Or should I just go with the free Drupal modules for a photo gallery? Any opportunity for downloading a trial version before purchase? Any demos available of this Photo Gallery module? Thanks for any help answering my questions.

Kind Regards, Drew

Dear tharathip,

Please, don’t you have a ‘live demo’ of this module? I think it’s better to try than only screenshots.

Thank you, Emiliano.

Looks awesome, very nice and clean design!

plz is this code for eclipse or android studio or what i want to reskin it ?