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Hello, where is the plist file? and how do i edit it?

Simple edit in storyboard

Hello, does this app use encryption? If it does, what are the steps we must follow?

we found MD5 Encryption, is that secure for AppStore, should we that the code have this encryption to apple?

should we inform *

UTF 8 string controll, no encryption

Can I create my own app icon for the gallery?

Ok Im running XCode now on a mac using VirtualBox, how do I edit this app to feature my clients information? What do I need to do specifically? I see the plist file but I don’t understand how or what to do next and then how to publish this?

Edit plist fiée in xcode, upload your server, edit config.h file , (server file path)

In xcode when I search for config.h its not found.

I still need better directions on this using XCode; or if your available can I hire you to do this?

iTunes Connect

Sure thanks

Hi, I was considering purchasing your product but unsure on one or two things so wanted to ask first. Does your product come with a demo of its implementation using storyboards or does it just support storyboards? Also is there documentation on how it would be implemented with storyboards? (I am new to ios development and decided to use them instead of .xib files as thought it would be challenging enough just learning objective c) If you could reply when you get a chance I’d appreciate it.

App implementation using in storyboard

Is there a way so that the app can be downloaded to the device for ipad and iphone so it works without an internet connection?

Does not work

Please function:

- (IBAction) hiddeAction: (id) sender;

It does not work.

I’m using ios 7.1

Tap gesture recognizer double touches

hi I would like to add description to every image ,can’t I? and adding share to facebook and also tweet this thanks

Send message at my profile


Can you guys please help me and explain me how adding images works? I’m not understanding how to add a image in app ((plist based (remote) image list)) and How would I go about incorporating this into a storyboard based project I already have?? :(

Thank you!

Last Question: Do i have to create a new plist then on it put my images or Modify plist file ISPhotogallery-info.plist delete all the stuff like https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dbjq0l60zhwk2r/Untitled.png and over them write image link? Please guys help me (new in xcode)

Yes, modify image url (upload images xour server, modifi image url file patch.

Just one more question please guys: How to create a server or can u show me please (from a website,video or pics), how did u upload a plist into a dropbox?

Thank you guys very much and sorry for being annoying :(

Is this a full app?

Photo Gallery page

can i save images to project directory?

Share button pressed, save image your photo gallery

Great app. thx. in the first page, there are 10 boxes each having 18 images, i want them to have different set of images. How do i do that ? thx

Edit image url in plist file, upload your server

Hi this app can both load images from a url and local files? the bar at the bottom is customizable? can i hide it or show it, is for a personal project, thanks for your answers

Images load url

Hi, 2 questions:

1) how hard is it to change the UIImageView you used to UIWebViews?

2) Does it support panning the image around after you have zoomed in?


1., You cannot change the (scrollview, pageview controllers). 2., Panning is supported

Hi, Does this work with IOS8?

It’s working

Can I Add admob ads easily?

Yes, I will help you

Is this app a photo gallery that the developer import the images in the app? Or is it for the user to use as his own gallery?

Asynchronous image loading – up to 200

Hi, I downloaded the latest version which supports iOS 9. I would like to know how can I import my own images???

Downloads plist file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/71008334/ISPhotoGallery.plist - Edit plist file in Xcode - Upload image and plist file your server.- Modify plist file patch in – define URL_DATA – in ISCollectionViewController.m and done

why the app not full screen in iphone 6 ,6 +

Waiting for the review update

Hi, I downloaded the latest version which supports iOS 9. I would like to know how can I import my own images???

image size differs, each image with a different size, but I have unlimited storage in my server

waiting for your replay

Doesn’t respond to my message???