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do your have a Extension,that can feed photo/video from facebook ?

I have plans for that :)

ok,if you design for FB ,it can set disable/enable to show comment,in case want to feed just photo or video with no text,comment

I wanted to let you know that I have released an extension for Flow Gallery called Social Feed which allows you to display Facebook photos/videos/albums among other things. Check it out here –

Hi. I am trying to display a collection (albums) from a user, but I do not get it. The code I am using is:

<script> $('#flickr-gallery').flowGalleryPhotoFeed({ card: { alwaysShowCaption: false, descriptionInCaption: true }, alwaysShowThumbTitle: true, gridType: 'rows', chunkSize: 12, loadChunksOnScroll: true, feed: 'flickr', flickrOptions: { apiKey: 'my-api-key', sourceType: 'collection', sourceId: 'daisyduck2007', userId: '8188882@N05', limit: 96, numberOfAlbums: 'all', thumbSize: 's', imageSize: 'l', media: 'photo' } }); </script>

I followed your instructions, but the albums don’t appear. I am using the script with the option text, tags and user and it works fine.

Since this script is an extension of Flow Gallery, have you used that plugin in your page? Otherwise the extension won’t work.

If you are using the Flow Gallery plugin and still having problems then provide me with a link to your page and I will have a look. If you want you can also contact me through the message box in my profile page –

Thank you for your answer via e-mail. It solved the issue. I misunderstood what a collection was.


In picasa it will show public albums as per userid, Is there any way to show private albums into this as per userid or authentication ?


No, private albums/items are not supported.

Hi and thank you for your support.

I would like to know if the Gallery, once installed on the website, will automatically import pictures from Flickr ? Or will I have to add them manually each time I add new pictures to Flickr?

Thank you and best regards.

Photos will be automatically pulled. Note that this is an extension of Flow Gallery so you will need to get that first in order to make the extension work,

In your response to mn0309, you said new photos will be automatically pulled when they’re added to Flickr. Does this happen dynamically or does it run on a schedule? Will photos also be removed from Flow Gallery if I remove them from a Flickr album? What happens if I manually rearrange photos in Flickr to change the sort order? Will the sort order update in Flow Gallery as well, or is sort limited to “post/upload date, as well as title”? Thanks.

Whenever you load the gallery, or rather the page in which the gallery is embedded is loaded, then the gallery will pull data from Flickr so whatever your state of photos/albums was in Flickr then that will be reflected in the gallery. Note that if you enable the caching feature (which is strongly recommended) then you will need to clear the cache or wait for it to expire in order to pull fresh data from Flickr. However the sorting of your items in Flickr is not reflected in the gallery items.

“the sorting of your items in Flickr is not reflected in the gallery items” – That’s too bad. I was really hoping Photo Feed & Flow Gallery would be a good solution for me, but the “flow” of a portfolio is really important to me I need to be able to manually sort the images.

Hello, We bought your Flow Gallery and Feed extension for Flickr. It’s really good thank you!

We just have one question… we created a gallery which gets the pictures from a flickr “collection”. But we read somewhere that the max pictures is 500 that the script will get from Flickr. Is this something we can change? Because we expect about 2000 pictures to come in our collection on Flickr.

Could you please answer my colleague @ ? He’s our technical contact.

Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing!

The flickr api does set a limit of max 500 items per page, i.e. a max number of 500 photos will be sent in one api call. But if your 2000 photos are distributed across different sets and each set has less than 500 items, then you will have no problems since the gallery makes separate api calls to get the items within a set.

Great. What do you mean with a “set”? An album? We won’t have more than 500 pictures per album. So this would be good news!

Yes, in flickr a “set” is an “album”.

Very Nice work:)

Thank you! :)


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Hi Team

I installed the plugin and cannot fetch photos form Google Photos (previously Picassa) Do you have an updated version for this plugin which support Google photos? Please support

Purchase code: c0c8b17b-5bff-4e72-a074-83bcae6172c8

Thank you

Do you see any error report in the browser console?