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Before you buy, there are a couple of questions: This Eclipse or Android Studio? Does it incorporate any ad network? If there is no advertising please implement Admob or any other and buy immediately Thanks

I don’t and nothing was disconnected. You ended the call? Can tell me what to do next? Thank you very much

Okay please mail me at codeagent0@gmail.com

I sent. Thank you!

Hi, I sent you an email. I love this source code but was hoping you could do one for IOS?

Yes I can develop in iOS too. Thanks for appreciation.

Thank you , how can I contact you to make one for me in IOS?

Hey. You still interested ??

Looks great! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks for your wishes . hope so.

Crashes on Samsung Galaxy S5 .

When it crashes ?

As soon as the app is opened it gets crashed .

Photo Cut paste app. I can change background now easily. It is very popular on play store i think, Thank for sharing,

Thank you so much

-How we can change or add new backgrounds from SelectedImgActivity.java file ?Please explain More!!

In Eclipse, on copypast projet i see yellow exclamation mark!!?its problem for the application?


I have emailed you.

Thanks for your support

My pleasure

Suggestion : do let me know if anyone want to re skin this app i am good graphic designer and will so my best to provide you Best. Check my re designed apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codeagent.photocutpaste_easy

Hi Codeagent, i love this app but i have small doubt before purchasing , actually i installed apt from play store from this demo url.

Reference Application :

Have a look : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.background.cut.paste.photo

In this url i have seen one concept like face swapping means cut one face to another pic but when i downloaded the demo apk from dropbox in that i am unable to see this concept like face swap there is only background changer concept is there.

i want that face swap concept …main priority.

pls help me can i get that.


Please mail me all customization details. I will help you for sure.

Maul Id is codeagent0@gmail.com


Will it support to Android Studio?

is there on android studio

It is in eclipse

Could you add cancel button when you draw the wrong line .

yes i can

Now, It can work ?

i have a problem with “camera” button can you help me !

Please Pm me. at codeagent0@gmail.com Thanks,


please replay !!!

Hi..where are you ! after waiting for 7 days !!!!! can you replay

I am here. Let me know.

email me or search in your inbox i send you a msg this is my adress : hamzak2b@gmail.com

Hi sir,how can i get html code mode the app?buy just now.

Where you want in html ?? Let me know thanks

Hi sir,

I have a problem when I try to generate signed APK

Error:(13) Error: The id “ll2” is not defined anywhere. [UnknownId] Error:Error: Expected resource of type id [ResourceType]

Please PM me. Thanks.

hello admin can you explain this is android studio project

What explanation you need ? Let me know. Thanks.


karim7 Purchased

on S6 edge When opened camera The application closes

I will update it. Thanks,