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My thumbnail on my desktop is kinda blurry…what can I do to solve this?

Hello. Please use official support form i can react much faster.

I have Translated the Plugin with Poedit to Arabic Language. Then, I have installed it and activate it within my Arabic website but it doesn’t show any Arabic Translation

Hello. This does the WordPress automatically. First, use official support form and i will send you instruction. Through support form, i can react much faster.


netqwik Purchased

Pre Purchase Question - 1. Can a fee be charged for users to upload a picture? 2. Can we define a limit to how many pictures a user can upload? 3. What is password for the demo user? 4. Is this compatible with Avada theme? Thanks

Hello 1) No. 2) Yes 3) None. There is no demo user 4) Yes.


netqwik Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to duplicate the contest? For the first instance of the contest I do not want to have the menu. On the second instance I would like to have the menu. Is that possible? Is there a short code that I can use to display the contest using the contest id? The widget is limited to displaying 20 pictures. Is there a way I can remove this limit? Thanks

No it is not possible to duplicate list
About widget, use official support form and send me the number limit what you need and i will send you changed file for widget.

Hi, I have few questions. 1. Is it possible to combine video and photo contest to one? That participant could upload video or photo. 2. Is it possible to make ‘upload image’ optional? That participant could send link to video in description instead of uploading image? 3. Is it option to hide already uploaded images and show them only for jury to vote? 4. Is it possible to create 10 scale voting for jury? 5. Is it possible that jury member could not miss any photo? To make him vote for every photo. Thanks :)

Hello! 1. No 2. No 3. Yes 4. No 5. No

Hi, how do I add additional Custom image fields. I see you have 1 in the contest admin however I would like to add more. Thanks

Hello! Sorry it is only one available. BUT we can rename another active field you do not need. So use official support form and i will help you with that.

I have just sent through an email, thanks


netqwik Purchased

Hi there, the social sharing icons on the photo page are very small. Is is possible to make them larger. Thanks so much.

In the next version, all social icons are much larger. Please wait another week


netqwik Purchased

Thanks for your prompt reply


mwsge Purchased

we bought your plugin and love it very much, but have some problems 1) it is possible to make some Fields Required , for exemple image description, title… 2) when some users uploading image with email they are getting blank page. no notification on email and no Successfully uploaded images. 3) when we try to shear image on facebook we are geeting wrong attached image.

can you help? thanks

Hello, I purchased this item already, 1. How can I include username and password on the upload form to enable users relogin to upload more pictures, 2. How can I disable some of the links on the menu e.g: “Rules & Prizes”. Thank you.

1) You can send password link (or password directly) to a user by email. Just visit general settings and set that option in “Email and Notifications” tab
2) Simple hit edit icon in the contest menu and hide any section you want in contest settings.


netqwik Purchased

Hi, is there a way to get automatic updates for the plugin in WordPress or do I need to delete the plugin and upload it again when there are updates? Thanks

Hello. No there is no automatic updates. AND DO NOT DELETE THE PLUGIN! If you do that it will be delete also all data from WordPress. Just upload photo-contest through FTP. All instructions you will find in documentation or on URL


netqwik Purchased

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Your customer support is awesome :)

I am here for you ;)

I want to change the links given in menu, please help.

Hello! All options about the menu you will find in the General Settings – Menu Tab

Hi. Two pre-sale questions, please: 1. is it possible to have a user page with all the user photose, a user link on each photo and other user data? 2. Is it possible to have a woocommerce subscription addon? Many thanks.

1) Yes. It possible to show all images by one user with own link
2) It is compatible with WooCommerce users but i do not know how your subscription addon works

Hi, Pre-purchase question. I want to protect voting with a list of unique voting code. Has i read in the comment this is not featured in this plugin. But i have a solution for that. Can i customize the link of the voting button to ling to another page?


Hello. Yes the link can be customized. But it will disable whole voting system. If you want to replace voting in external URL why not.

Hi – I’ve noticed that when the lightbox with vote is enabled, it circumvents the ‘voting will begin on’ functionality, meaning people can vote even if it’s before the ‘voting will begin on’ date that I’ve set. Is there a way to prevent this happening?

Hello. Thank you. I will check that. Can you please use official support form? . I will send you correct file for that.

Can I integrate this plugin in my existing wordpress project?

Hello! Sure no problem

Is it possible for a jury member to change their vote? For example, if they are allowed 3 votes and after voting they change their mind and want to switch one of the votes, can the “unvote” an image and then vote for another one?

No sorry. It is not possible to do

Hi, my competition has 25 entries and I would like them all to show on one page. It currently has 16 on page 1 and the remaining 9 on page 2. How do I make all 25 show on a single page? competition link below

Hello it is very simple. Just edit the number of rows and columns in the contest settings. (Hit edit icon in the contest menu)

thanks, cant believe I didn’t figure that out on my own. also how do I make the pictures appear random when ever the page is open or refreshed?

Just send me a message through support form and i will do that for you. (free of course)


ilouafi Purchased

Pre Purchase Question : Hi, i will organiser a start-up competition soon and i’m looking for the right plugin, but i only need the voting system, because we already selected the people who will participate in the contest.

Is it possible with your plugin to only have the square with the voting system like the demo 4 Columns without having the menu where people can upload the images ?


ilouafi Purchased

Still waiting for you answer and if it’s a yes what is the time that you will be available thx

Hello. I visit this comment section twice a day. Yes sure i can help you with that. But use official support form i can react much faster.


ilouafi Purchased

Done i just buy it, i sent you a message right now to see how we can handle this thx

Hello, is it possible to change the ‘Login’ link to point at /wp-login.php instead? I am using facebook authentication via a different plugin, and I need to use the standard login page rather than yours.

Yes. Please use official support form and i will do that for you (free of course)

Is there away to remove votes if someone has been spamming with fake accounts. Or do we just have to remove the photo from the contest?

I did a lot of contest and i must tell you people will always try to cheat. This is why i always suggested using all 8 layers of protection. But the most powerful protection is the Rules of the contest. So i always have a paragraph with a rule that everybody who will cheat will be removed from the contest. And it will stop. You can easily see in vote log what is going on and you can react. If you have that paragraph like i do there is no pressure for you. Be fair warn the contestant first and ban him if he/she will do it again. To your question yes you can remove votes, just find them, count them and change vote count in Photos section.