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Great component. And a fantastic & FAST support. Thank you.

Thanks for using our extension.

very good support and fast.. perfect component and work..

This is a VERY GOOD component out of the box. I had a couple questions and got a response in less than an hour on SUNDAY. Awesome. Developer is also open to suggestions for improvement. I highly recommend this photo contest tool if you need a fast, clean solution that works out of the box. :)

Great component and fast support, he quickly fixed my request in a few minutes. Thank you very much ! I highly recommend this component.

Thanks for this addon, i just purchased :) Please, add multiple contest categories…. :)

Hoping ending of this month will upload updated version for supporting multiple contest categories and also more features.

Wow! Thanks! :)

Can you create or add categories?

Already have features for adding contest or category.

very good and easy to use , a question; i like to add entry fee for users who like to join the contest can you please tell me is that can be done or any idea to help on this thanks

This photo contest is amazing , and the developer is the very nice person , he done a very good work to fix the problem on my website i am 100% happy and recommend him to everyone

Hi I really wanna purchase it but the question is, is it RTL compatible?

Hi I really wanna purchase it but the question is, is it RTL compatible?

I wasn’t avaiable last two weeks. If you will buy it then i check it.

can you add the option to rate a photo? for example 1-20 ? the choices may be 5-10-15-20 ? is it possible? thanks

hi, I want to purchase but i have a question. Can i create a single contest? because i want tu create more of one.

And this component is possible to integrate whit Facebook users and likes? i think that it will be a really smarty function.

thanks in advance

thanks , sorry my question in if I can Create multiple contest? and if can i create multiple contest, can i sign it at specific menu?

respect Facebook likes, thanks this will be great!

Thanks in advance

Yes you can assign it to specific menu. When you will go to create menu you will see have option for setting contest category.

Okay thanks.

ok, thanks. can you help me to integrate fecebook likes as vote option? i want to use likes to define a winer contest. Do you think that this is possible?

I updated to Joomla 3.5.1. Now the upload Form isn’t working (ERROR: “Invalid address:...”). Anyone the same issue and a Solution?

I found a Solution that worked for me: I changed in the joomla configuration / Server Tab / Mailing the “From Name” (Last Field) to a valid E-Mail Adress.

Great to hear !!!

The soft for 20$ is great, work out of the box . The guy is extra cool and helpful, he will give you his skype if you have a problem Just a real pleasure for 20 $

is it possible to allow Daily limit on the number of votes per voters, i.e i want the voters to be able to do multiple voting but restricted to one per day

Right now users can vote only one time each photo.

Hoping next version i will add limit of vote each photo.

Also is it possible for voters to vote just one PHOTO rather than ability to vote many photos

Right now voters can vote many photos, no restriction.

Can the extension be translated to French?

you can send me PM so that i can send you access.

Do you mean Personal Message?

Hi, works on joomla 3.6.4?

Yes, It’s working good on Joomla 3.6.4 , Thanks

Work okay! U should make some SEO improvements in next versions

Please help. I’m wanting this but it says “Extension”. Do I need something else to make this work?

I think you got it now. Check your email?

I did and I think you’re saying since I use Wordpress I can not use this extension, correct?

Hi. I will be interested to buy your component but i need to use facebook like instead of vote system with sql counter query. So the system should count facebook like and update automatically the one used for vote system. It’s possible? Thanks

Sorry, not possible right now.

It’s possible to make with custom work? Thanks