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You app mising , Popular , Recent Voted , Catgory to run Different Contest as well as pic description if anyone wants to add, As well as unique landing page where user can ask there friends to rate there pics

Hello, thank you for helpful tips. Some of it definitely do in the future. Now it’s meant to be a simple application.

Great work :-) GL

Thanks :)

Hello, Can you make the app to only allow some one to participate in voting or contesting after liking my page the app owner?

How are the winners determined or chosen by the app and are they notified automatically?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you RONNIE

Hello, Ronnie,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) Unfortunately, “Like Gate’ was some time ago prohibited by Facebook. It is not possible to force anyone to like to some site, or other activity.

2) Selecting the winners is up to you. It depends on your rules. You can pick a winner himself, according to the best photo, or based on the number of votes. Alternatively, a combination of both. The app itself does not choose the winner, does not contact anyone.

Thank you for your interest in this application :) Tomas

dear sir i want to bye your fb photo contest script but one condition i cant instail . i will provide my hosting cpanel and you will instail your script for me than i will buy.

Sorry man, these services are not provided :)

1) Can you limit votes for a single facebook user to 1 vote per picture AND 5 total votes for a whole gallery? 2) Same is in “1”, but can you set time limit? 1 vote (and 5 for whole gallery) per day, per week, per month ?

Hi, sorry for delay – holiday… The answer to both questions is unfortunately “not”. You can limit only votes per user globally.

Congratulation , Good Luck With Many Sales My Bro