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hi, why your demo from mobile work and if i use it my no? From desktop work.

Hi. It depends on plugin version you have and theme. I tested plugin on 60 themes and it works any time. So first check your version in admin area plugins section. If you have version bellow 2.5 or older do the update to version 2.6


SMITSEC Purchased

Notice: Undefined index: API_VERSION in /home/apps/contest/libs/myFb.php on line 39

Notice: Undefined index: API_VERSION in /home/apps/contest/libs/myFb.php on line 60

Notice: Undefined index: API_VERSION in /home/apps/contest/libs/secure.php on line 15

Notice: Undefined index: API_VERSION in /home/apps/contest/index.php on line 16

Hello. Please Help me for resolve this problem.

FB API Version is 2.7

can you copy the error?


SMITSEC Purchased

Sorry bro. i fix this problem. ))

Listen istalling FB app is not easy. This is why i made step by step tutorial in documentation. Always you have an example how to do it.

My app is looping, everything is correct.

Sorry support only for buyers


saya972 Purchased

Hi, Your preview is disabled. Verify your SSL

Thank you!

hi, is it possible to pull users email data and export them into .xls or csv?


hi, is this still working? I want to check live demo but not working with message “Connection not secure”. May you please confirm? thanks

Hi. Yes it is working but we change the domain. In few days will be everything OK.

Thank you very much. I want to do facebook photo and video contest, maybe you have video contest too?

No. Only photo

your demo is not working

I know we changed the site and we must do for new domain SSL

ok thanks. i hope you get it sorted soon because i would like to see it working before i buy it

going by all the negative comments this seems to be a work in progress and not production ready

Demo is not working

Hello. I know it is temporary. Sorry for that.

Hello, is this app still working ? It’s about 2 months that demo is not working so why Envato continue to sell it ? If yes i have a question : Is it possible to disable users to post their own photo ? I need that they just vote to my photos. Thank you for your answer.

Can anyone of the 891 people who have purchased this script please confirm that it actually works

Does this still work since the demo isn’t working?

I was interested in buying, but it looks like the demo has been offline for 3 months.

I need to see a demo first.

When I visit the link: Redirect loop when i access from mobile Please support

Demo is not working right now

Uncaught exception ‘DibiDriverException’ with message ‘Field ‘email’ doesn’t have a default value’ in

Hello did you use latest version? Please send me an email through support form. and sende me URL to your app (to install folder)

demo is not working always. Is that still available for market? or not?

demo url is dead. is this app still working/is supported?

I am sorry demo is not working at this time. Please try WordPress version instead

I just found this link – – is this the latest demo version of it? I am not interested in the wp version…

Does the application still work ??