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thanks nice but if make in below show history of today is very good

Thanks for the suggestion. Will do so. Thanks,

android studio?

Yes it is for android studio.

Just downloaded the demo APK, it makes Avast go crazy when you open it at the red splash screen, saying that this has been reported as a suspicious app. As a result will not be purchasing and have quickly deleted it. You may want to look in to that.

That is only because of ads network. Thanks.

which ads network are you using this app

Hi Karma, do you have a version without any photos or ads below, is it possible for you to sell that version at $10? Thanks

Hi, Photos that you are seeing it fetching from your own gallery. I can give you without ads and admob. Let me know if you really want it., Thanks,

hi can i ad a certain photo in certain date ?

It is all depend on you. On which date you are inserting to your phone. You will get it on that day. Thanks,

Can you convert app in to xcode ? Hoe many page are there in the app ? Let me know. Thanks,

There is no way to convert the code. We need to develop whole app for IOS. Thanks,

Hi, this code is up to date to run in latest android versions? Can be used in Android Studio 3? Thanks