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Hi thanks for app

Can add undo button

Thank you..!! Yes for more customization mail me at:passiontocode@gmail.com

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thank you..!!

Hi, I have sent you email with some errors, please reply.

Let me check.

Can you please mail me again. ?

Not got any mail from you.


Hello .. i am getting this errors http://prntscr.com/639t86 http://prntscr.com/639ta8 Its look like a library error ..

Please reply as fast as you can. Also sent an email to you.

Can i have your team viewer id password ? I will connect and solve your issues.


500 071 650


Hello Karma , I am getting this error http://puu.sh/gu0A1/a869f1d30f.png Please replay as fast as you can. I’m waiting you answer . also sent and email to you. Thank.

Already sent you mail


hi karma,

how can add the project in Android Studio. I need the help immediately.


I have already solved issue.

Yes Thanks for u r help

Your welcome.

Hi karma,

if I try to remove the adds from the app it’s will not working. I remove codes from 4 page.

activity_start_up.xml string.xml Start_Up.java Crop.java.

in this 4 pages are the adds codes. But if I try to remove than the app will stop to running

I have resolve the issue thanks :)

please send me your skype , i have some issue

I sent you.already

Hi karma_infotech , I want to buy this source code but i need some more functionality like undo redo ,set erase size and some ready made color effects. Is it possible in this code if yes then i am really interested Reply me as soon as possible

Thanks in advance

Hi karma_infotech , Can I know what will be final charge for that all stuffs.Please reply soon as i need it urgently.

govind_id@ymail.com is my email address you can inform me on this email.

Hi karma_infotech, I don’t have your email address. Will you please give me your one. Thanks

I sent you mail already,

Code is not working .Showing me so many errors. Please reply me fast

You can mail me :passiontocode@gmail.com I will help you to import the project.

I have already sent you mail…Reply it

Please update the app . its has lot of bugs . I can not yet ready it.

Where you getting bugs ? Let me know please. Mail me at passiontocode@gmail.com

Hello Karma , I am getting this error http://puu.sh/gu0A1/a869f1d30f.png Please replay as fast as you can. I’m waiting you answer . also sent and email to you. Thank. Che_aod@hotmail.com

Email sent.

Hello karma I have same issue , Please send to me , how to solve this ASAP

Still facing same issue ?

Can you send me project in android studio ? Thanks

Hello karma I have same issue http://puu.sh/gu0A1/a869f1d30f.png , Please send to me , how to solve this ASAP

I have sent you files.

Let me know if you have still any issues.


Hi Karma,

Please help, can you send me wscracthviewlibrary for android studio ?

I allready try wscracthview-library.aar but when i try remove background force close.

My email : caritentang@gmail.com

Okay mail sent

Hi Karma : I have the same reported problem the error in WScratchView.java library, could you send me the solution renzo.macedo@gmail.com

I have sent already.

It didnt work, when i take a icture and after eraser de backgroun, the app breake and close


mon733 Purchased


I have a problem exporting the application to APK

Information:Gradle tasks [:app:assembleRelease] C:\Users\sseeoo\Desktop\111\app\src\main\res\layout\image_overlay_bitmap.xml Error:(2) Error: In Gradle projects, always use http://schemas.android.com/apk/res-auto for custom attributes [ResAuto] C:\Users\sseeoo\Desktop\111\app\src\main\res\layout\activity_selected_img.xml Error:(13) Error: The id “ll2” is not defined anywhere. [UnknownId] Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:lintVitalRelease’. > Lint found fatal errors while assembling a release target. To proceed, either fix the issues identified by lint, or modify your build script as follows: ... android { lintOptions { checkReleaseBuilds false // Or, if you prefer, you can continue to check for errors in release builds, // but continue the build even when errors are found: abortOnError false } } ... Information:BUILD FAILED Information:Total time: 50.849 secs Information:3 errors Information:0 warnings Information:See complete output in console

Did you fixed it ? Thanks,


mon733 Purchased

Yes, I’ve solved the problem, thank you very much.

Can you convert app in to xcode ? Hoe many page are there in the app ? Let me know. Thanks

Please test apk file. Make sure every thing is working according to your requirement. for IOs we need to develop from scratch.Thanks,