Discussion on Phone Optimize - GFX Tool For PUBG and BGMI - RAM Boost - Game Booster

Discussion on Phone Optimize - GFX Tool For PUBG and BGMI - RAM Boost - Game Booster

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this app not apporoved by new google play policy, refund me asap

There is no problem with the application. The problem that many faced is the appearance of ads in screenshots, and this is against Google policy. Therefore, all ads must be removed from screenshots or videos in the description of the application upon upload.

Please leave the message you received from Google Play on the e-mail so that I can solve the problem.

Hello, my friend, we ask you not to add such comments unless the developer did not solve the problem, but it was good that you contact the developer to solve the problem. In the event that the developer did not solve the problem, you can write the comment you want. Where you must read Google policy so as not to face any problem. Since the problem is not from the developer but from you. You must read the note in the description of the application so that you do not encounter any problem in the Google Store. Warm greetings .

The project and code are good, but I have found many bugs, so I am giving it two stars now; I will update the ratings if you fix them soon.

Bugs Fixes ( 4 stars)—

1). Unexpted “All Files permission” page opens on the first install. 2). 90 FPS and potato graphics are not working. 3). Using old admob SDK ( very few ads are loading because of that). 4). SAF page is loading again and again even after applying for permission; it should open only for the first time

Improvements (5 Stars)—

1). Improve the UI/UX . 2). Add the dark theme. 3). Document should be more transparent and should be having permission details which we should provide while uploading in playstore 4). Remove unnecessary permission from the manifest not used inside the app.

All problems have been resolved. You can download the latest update, leave an e-mail about any problem you encounter, and it will be resolved as soon as possible.

But if your problem is in UI/UX, you can change the colors from the values ​​folder to the color you want.

Hi there, Have you fixed MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission,? Thanks

Brother the App use MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, how can upload on play store, google need strong proof to use this permission, how i can handle it?

You can delete this permission. It works without problems

If it work without this permission why it still in code, waiting new update with users reported bugs, thanks

When new update will release?

A new update was uploaded about a week ago. But there is another update this week that contains some additions to the gfx tool.

Thanks waiting for this big update

When update to support android 13 ?

It works until version 12. It has not been tested on a real phone. You can try it and leave the problem in the comments until we solve it.

its not support android 13 app managment not works admob not works fine just show native and banner fix it or refund me

Contact me via e-mail. And send the error. The problem will be resolved in a short time.

its not show any error so you just test it on android 13 and you will see the problem on app managment

he works for. But it can be a problem in some phones. Take screenshots to understand your problem.

Hi there, I think can’t upload on Play Console, May be it need extra clarification to submit on Play Console. is it follow google play console polices ? or any Live DEMO ? Thanks

The app follows the policy of Google Play 100%. You can download the demo app from the app description.

Hi there, I purchased your source code. But why did you rename all most of class’s name, method, parameters? So I can’t understand about meaning line of code. Please send me origin of source code that they have clear class’s name, method. etc … Thank you so much!

There are no changes. There are some new codes that have been added. There is a new update under review. If you encounter any problem, you can reach us via email and we will solve it.

update for android 13!

Still wait for the update and also i tested this app again and noticed that it does not apply 60 FPS on android 12 when applying 60 FPS in GFX

It works well for me. We will review it.

What is the VIP option in the GFX and what does it do?

i have this probleme : Could not resolve all files for configuration ’:app:debugRuntimeClasspath’. > Could not find com.github.BluRe-CN:ComplexView:v1.1.

You will face this problem when using the latest version of android studio. But today the problem will be solved and android studio will be updated to the latest version. And solve this problem. You will be notified immediately upon update.

Hi there, can i change package name of this project


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: com.testappp.gfxoptimize: Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requires that one of FLAG_IMMUTABLE or FLAG_MUTABLE be specified when creating a PendingIntent. Strongly consider using FLAG_IMMUTABLE, only use FLAG_MUTABLE if some functionality depends on the PendingIntent being mutable, e.g. if it needs to be used with inline replies or bubbles.

app crashed

need an update. my email is

The version available now on the site is api 33. When do you get this error. You have to use api 33.

You can leave more information about the error so we can work to resolve the issue via email.

after buying this app we have to change skin or directly upload to play concolse?

You can only change some icons so that they are not blocked in the Google Play Store

Lots of bugs in android 12

There is a new update that will be uploaded tomorrow that supports API 33

Where’s the update now?

It has been uploaded. under review. Within hours, it will be approved You can download the demo application from the application description.

when clicking Junk Cleaner, it always have a modal Note “To use this function, head over to …” and it always asks to change in settings even though I already allowed it. Please take a look. Thanks

Android version 12

what is your email?

I have sent it. Thanks

subject: Phone Optimize Bug

is this working on android 12? also your demo not working stuck on privacy policy tick , see

To solve this problem, just wait five seconds after granting the permission. Then press Run. There is a new update that will be uploaded within two days with the addition of some new features.

This notice appears when you do not agree to the Privacy Policy. As shown in the message that appears to you. First, agree to the privacy policy, then turn it on.

A new update will be uploaded within a week with new features

deer sir your demo version not support last pubg version 2.0 or highr

did there away to not every time pubg update im not also update the app or just when pubg share update im just edit just a littile thing not wait you to update

What is the problem you are facing with this update?

deer sir your demo version not support last pubg version 2.0 or highr

same time there is a hack inside the game same time ipad view you must run the every time you would to play a game mean every new game= run the app

A new update will be uploaded within a week with new features


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