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ogit Purchased

You change name of helpers/My_site_helper.php to helpers/my_site_helpers.php it should fix the problem.

where i should change it?


ogit Purchased

and how i can add or edit ‘result’ in laboratory Test

Yout queries have been forwarded to tech support, they shall look into it tmorrow. Due to sunday today, technical team is not avaiable.


ogit Purchased

hi, this not sunday today


ogit Purchased

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1048

Column ‘AdmittedFor’ cannot be null

INSERT INTO `hms_admission` (`PatID`, `RoomTypeID`, `AdmissionDate`, `AdmittedFor`, `ConsultantID`, `DateTimeStamp`, `DateUpdated`, `StatusID`, `AdmittedBy`, `BedID`) VALUES (254, ‘1’, ‘2017-02-25 14:17:38’, NULL, ‘16’, ‘2017-02-25 14:17:38’, ‘2017-02-25 14:17:38’, 1, ‘1’, ‘51’)

Filename: C:/xampp/htdocs/lab/application/models/Common_model.php

Line Number: 330

Hello I have some problem: Showing error : An Error Was Encountered

Unable to load the requested file: helpers/my_user_helper.php


xzzla Purchased

Hello,Bought the product yesterday and am having problems setting it up on my domain.Kindly set it up for me on the domain below asap kindly.


xzzla Purchased

hey kindly send me your email for me to send the domain credentials

Dear, ef6ea000-8d83-4365-8531-85cb78d6374e

I m have my LIMS installed on this link,

email address, password: 911Mruads40420#

Thanks ef6ea000-8d83-4365-8531-85cb78d6374e

hi ,support I am facing problem in running this application i have made the following change as mentioned in the document.

i was change config\ production and development folder, database files i change hostname= localhost, username= myusername, password= mypassword

and i was import database install hms of assets. but when i software then i face the problem below: A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: C:/inetpub/wwwroot/hospital/application/controllers/Login.php

Line Number: 22

Can you also specify your database name also. Then try

i specified it but nothing change ..

I am unable to access the application from different computer connected in the same LAN

Hi, Before I purchase can you please inform me if your system has the following capabilities:

1) Management of multiple hospitals with secure access for each hospital so no other hospital when logged on to the system can access other hospital data or records via assigned secure login credentials

2) Custom hospital forms and fields with full custom reporting capability

3) Custom patient forms and fields with full custom reporting capability

4) Need the ability to add a coordinator role in the system that will assign patients to hospitals and track their treatment and billing

Regards, David

I am facing problem laboratory module. this module not run and accounts module sub menu create invoice not run. please help me chat/teamviwer/phone support.

dear admin. install this software. but not work lab module and not print invoice. help me

yes i am purchasing this product. PHIMS – Hospital Management Information System Regular License 6 months support (expires on 22 Feb 2018) Purchase code: 209b8bf5-ae22-4cb9-bda2-83166fff1d4a

PHIMS – Hospital Management Information System Regular License 6 months support (expires on 22 Feb 2018) Purchase code: 209b8bf5-ae22-4cb9-bda2-83166fff1d4a

Hi, I am sorry to hear that some features are not working for you. please provide details on what is not working lab module (some screenshot). Also, I recommend reading the user manual to ensure correct data entry, this might sort the problem. you may send details direct to my email address.


Dear admin, sent details your email help me

Hi, I have purchased PHIMS – Hospital Management Information System. While trying to install on a webserver it gives error as ” Unable to load the requested file: helpers/my_site_helper.php” and while trying to install it on a local server it is not taking “http://localhost/HospitalManagementSystem/” as a Site Url… Totally trapped. Please Update ASAP. Thanks Santanu

Please go to application/helpers and change name of My_site_helper.php to my_site_helper.php This will solve your problem on your webserver. Regards

Does this have discharge summary, if yes can you please tell me the steps to navigate

You can find discharge income report in Reports module. you may contact for further assistance. regards

Hello, App looking great! Please can this application capture Health Insurance billing?

Thank you for the feedback. currently there is no health insurance billing module available in the application.