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Salaam. Seems awesome. Please provide us the login credentials. Good wishes for the sales. : )

Walaikum As Salam, Thankyou. User = Pass = admin

access credentials not there !

Credentials to the Demo Page are not provided in to the description.

User = Pass = admin

demo username and password sir

User = Pass = admin

Username: admin Password: admin

login details provided not correct. for the user name, it requires an email.

can’t login. Can you provide working username and password?

User name : and password: admin

Assalamualikum, can I have user log or can change permission default to customized? Plz let me know ASAP

Thanks for reply. How to delete demo data in every module? let me know plz

Pls send your email ID a clean database will be emailed to you.

Thank you for reply, send me in


Logged in to the system, but nothing could be seen inside.

check the below url for the screen shot and let me know how to check your system.


Thank you for the quick confirmation.

I need to know the below details;

Is this multi Hospital / multi Pharmacy system ?


Currently It will manage one hospital. For Multiple hospitals you will need to install multiple instances. This keep things simple and manageable for hospital management also. Regards


i would like to purchase your HMS. can you send me some details docs or presentation

sure, you can log into the demo and give it try. user name: & password : admin After purchasing, user guide, installation documentation and source code will be available for download. all documents are in much detail but if you still face any problem just let us know and we will sort it out.



i purchased hms from you.

please check the link:

username: password: rhhms_9848

see there are so many options are not working in your script,

Edit , Delete, Logout for users and many functions are not working. we need immediate fix. please help

thank you

Our records does not show any purchase from your account.

does it use limitless theme?

It comes with one theme only.

Actually its based on Codeigniter framework, Codeigniter its self does support Templating, however using smarty or other template engine we can introduce more themes. Currently we have not such plans, but we might do provide multiple themes option in future.

I open the code and I cant understand how you check if user is logged in. For example on the admin.php which is the base controller, i can see on the constructor you check for user role but I cant see in which place you check if user is logged in and you force to login before displaying the view of dashboard. Please guide me.

Sure Ofcourse sir. I will be glad to help you to walk through our coding style. Admin Controller is a Child Class of My_Controller as it extends from it. Please check “MY_Controller.php” in core directory, All the Controller files are separate on basis of their group roles, so that every user group has its own views methods etc.

The Login Method which you asked us, resides in MY_Controller.php


That is first layer of check which is a must do for all user groups and is common so we placed it in MY_Controller as it is base for all controllers that extends from it.

Hopefully it will be helpful for you. However if you would need more insight about our product, feel free to ask.


I Want to purchase this theme but we need date of purchase under product field, can you please help to add this option.

Please reply on urgent basis.


for exporting product data to excel/pdf only will cost you 30 USD and delivery will be 3 working days

ok then we will do this bit latter just make one change update date of purchase under product field in OT Pharmacy

ok, I agree

Hi We have purchased your theme, Please add the date of purchase under product and result page.

How much time it will take and can you please provide your skype id if i need to make any further changes.

2 working days. Share your email id pls

Sent you message from my id

Can i edit and customize features. Can i sold this product to my customers. Plz email us at.-

You can customise features. Further reselling not permitted.

demo not working

Please try again: user name password: admin

Please try again: user name password: admin

hai this is kiran i purchased this script but im unable to install this script …i followed documentation but some errors are coming …

Hi Kiran, thanks for purchasing the HMIS. We are here to help. Please share what problems you face by emailing and we will help you.


i am getting installation error when Admin / Users Setup step

“New Record Could Not Be Created”

help me

thank you Kiran

Hi, sunraisesolutions, your problems that you have identified have been reviewed and fixed. Emailed you the details of it.

hello pakistanihaider , you have fixed some of the bugs, but still there are some more major issues are left. already some of issues i listed out and sent u a mail, after fixing those bugs please do complete testing. thank you.

i am not satisfied with your service …i purchased this one almost 1 month but there is no proper response from u ….if not please return my money back …i will go for another one …

thank u kiran

Hi there,

I would like to know why there are only few sms providers as in the market there are a lot which are providing the sms services with more facilities and have their own direct connections, I have a few customers who would like to use the system and are asking for us to provide them one but since we are not able to find the API that where we could earn on the basis of service for sms we are not referring at your location, i would be glad to share the same on our blog and forums on our website if you could integrate the API we wish to sell to our customers.

Kindly let me know if you are available on Skype and we could discuss further.

BR Harshada Chaudhari

In demo every option is not working. so i am confused about that will it work properly? i have 2 questions can i add expenses module in this software? 2. If any patient want to know his account status. there is no print option for that. How to do that?