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hi, are there separate logins for doctor, patient, labouratory, pharmacy,admin etc

Currently there is no doctor or patient groups available. If you wants to implement it, we can do it on payment. Regards

how long will it take and how much will it cost?

Please drop me an email.

when trying to login as laboratorist : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare Laboratorist::prints() in /home/content/16/7604116/html/demos/hms/application/controllers/Laboratory/Laboratorist.php on line 1128

Thanks for letting us know. We will look into it. Regards Parexons

demo not working properly

Please bear with us. We are migrating it to new server. If you provide me your email, i will let you know when completed. Thanks


sobujbd Purchased

Demo login panel not working properly

Demo login password has been reset. You can try it. Thanks for letting is know. Regards Parexons

Please how do you record a visiting patient(example visiting for consultation, and doesn’t need to be admitted? Patients like these might walk in, see a doctor, get medication form the pharmacist and walk out, without being admitted.

This feature and more are covered in our enterprise version. You send me email for more details.

How can i change the Age in the Application PHIMS from Age = 2 to Age = 2years or 2Months, I want to have Text and Number.

Purchase codes

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item. ef6ea000-8d83-4365-8531-85cb78d6374e – 13 Jun 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

If you have exposure to php programming. You changr datatype from numric to varchar. If you still face problem let us know, we will change the required file for you. Regards

Please to the below

1. Change the Datatype of Age and Contact to Varchar or Alphanumeric, please send me the zipped file of the application.

2. Or please send me the instruction so i can do it myself

Note: I did the changes directly to the database table and there were still error return.


sobujbd Purchased

i’ll try to install manually, but completing this install in last step this system was not redirect login page. showing that message “Unable to load the requested file: helpers/my_site_helper.php” how can i fix this ?

You change name of helpers/My_site_helper.php to helpers/my_site_helpers.php it should fix the problem.

Hello guys. I just bought your script. Important content is missing: Where are the files for doctors and patients? The controller and views files for patient & doctor are missing. I thought this was a hospital management system, how so you miss to include files for doctors and patients in a hospital management system. I need those files

Hi, Your requested modules are available in our enterprise version. You can PM me for demo account acess. Regards Parexons


babumun Purchased

Hello, I have Problem Not login to Lab. User :, Pass : admin how to solved it.

Great work!! and I really would like to buy it but it still miss a very important part for me. The medical record (history) of the patient…It is very important, I hope you could add this module and I am sure it will increase your sales as you have already a wonderful piece of work.. Thank you very much in advance

Also another important thing is the translation module so we can provide the system in different languages

Dear Sir, I will try much time install this script “PHIMS – Hospital Management Information System” but show error ” New Record Could Not Be Created” I humbly request you please help for this installation. My Purchase Code: ef6ea000-8d83-4365-8531-85cb78d6374e

Thank you for contacting. Sorry we do not have any purcahse record associated with your account.

I would like to Customize the Software after purchasing and go for Commercial. let me know the Price. Need Software with Source Code.

You will need to purchase it with extended license option. Pls PM me for more details

Hi I am interested to purchase your product with enterprise version and i may require copy rights to market it to third party and I what are the licensing conditions for single purchase and what the supports for the product in future. What is the price for enterprise version and how to pay for the same Thanx


ztrela Purchased

Generate invoice is not working. Will you please fix this asap


I want to buy this script but i am seeing some things missing in it can we create in it and if yes so tell me process.

1 : Birth report 2: Death report 3: Blood bank

Please tell me ASAP so i can buy this one. Thanks Farrukh

that’s already done in pro-version please contact for custom order.


I want to buy this script but i am seeing some things missing in it can we create in it and if yes so tell me process.

1 : Birth report 2: Death report 3: Blood bank

Please tell me ASAP so i can buy this one. Thanks Farrukh

Sorry these modules are not available in this version.

Dear Support,

Thank you for your Script and the Purchase code is 86033d68-c928-4bec-a8ac-5714fc2a34d9 – 19 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

Please Help me in Resolving the Issue . As i am trying to use for my Clinic with Local host. The Step3 gives error : New Record Could Not Be Created.

Awaiting your Reply urgently.

Please use the manual installation method explained in accompanied document.

Hello Support : 86033d68-c928-4bec-a8ac-5714fc2a34d9 – 19 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

As Per the Lab Test where the Patients Test Results can be added. There was no Way in the Software were we can add the Test Results . Also Were can the Patients Payments can me Maintained. There is only option to Add Advance Payments. When the Patients is get Discharged the Modules Discharged the Patients and there was no way to add Payments (pending) before the Discharge and Close the Patients accounts respectively, Which is the very basic of a Hospital Management System.

Please Help in those issues. We are in very tight situation to implement if it works actually as a Hospital Management System as it was described .

Awaiting Quick Reply Thank you

Please read the user guide. For adding test results u need to be logged in as lab technician(user group). You have explored the system from indoor patient, you can explore system from outdoor patient perspective also.

Dear Support the lab technician group is not allowing login. I tested the existing Lab technician user and then created two more but it shows Email or Password does not match .

And what does it mean that Indoor patients or Outdoor patients. This is a normal query that How can the Payments to be added in the system apart from Advance Payments..?? Please help an that and Also the user guide is totally waste and misleading. as from the starting when I asked you that the Step 3 is not working You have just skiped and say to use the Manual Installation. Means you are just not clear about the bugs or Problems associated with teh Plugin . Its just a 1-2 days that whatever I try to do them comes lot of Problems but as a support you are just skipping to some other ways out. Please deal in a Professional way by Answering my Specific Query.

I really need the Answers or Else Refund the Money Back , as the Script is just having so many Problems.

Now I can See more and More Issues with your Script. Like When Clicking the Edit Button for the Listed Users nothing Happens. There was no page to Edit the User Details like change the Password or other Options. which is bare minimum for a Management System.

Going Forward I can Smell huge issues .. already there are these basic issues which are still taking lot of Time and efforts .

Its Complete Waste of time and Money