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Dear gentlemen, I would like to know system requirements for your pharmacy manager software (sql or mysql, php apache etc)

Hi Dear,

The requiremnts are

PHP 5.4 or Greater Mysql 5.0 or greater Apache

hey can you add accounting reports to the system?

There is already a reporting system. Please check Reporting in the side menu bar. Thanks :-)

Hi, I installed your program as required (apache 2.4, php 7, mysql 5.7, localhost). I need your help like TheShadowgiest, because I have followed too all installation steps “but all time I get just a blank page”. You answered TheShadowgiest to send you ‘access details to your code’ and I see that he “finally installed successfully”. What was the fix and if you need my details, what specifically are those ‘access details to my code’?

Hi, please send your server’s cpanel details at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com


I saw that this application has been updated on 3rd November but since I downloaded it I have not gotten any update alert.

Can you kindly advise if update has been made recently and what does it contain exactly.

What version of codeigniter is being used now?

Thanks & Kind Regards!

Hi, I am extreamly sorry if you didnt get any update alert. There is no changes in codeigniter version. I have made the language dynamic and changable from frontend. There are some midifications in the settings.

Please download the system and install. Then you can see the changes. Thanks

I have updated and can see changes. Thank you. I can see patient tables/modules but how do I add a patient in the bill? There is no way to create a patient and link him with the sold medicines. Kindly advise. Thanks & Kind Regards!

Patient table is for future update. When update will be available you can update your system. Thanks :-)


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This script has serious bugs. After uploading to bluehost and ensuring all parameters have been correctly filled, i visit the home page and it’s just blank! I guess it doesn’t support php7. Any quick fix?

Hi, Sorry for your inconvenience. Just give me the cpanel access at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com. I will go through the issue immediately InshaAllah.


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sent! could you fix this soonest? thanks

Thank You!

I have updated the app but loading the liste of médecine is very slow. I have 24500 medicine and loading then takes forever. I have fixe the number per page to 25 but still loading the first page is taking forever. Thanks.

May be it because of your internet connection. You have a huge number of medicines. I will suggest you to replace the medicine module by the previous one. Your issue will be solved. Thanks :-)


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i have buy your software but smae medicine diffeent expire date what i will solve this problem.

Hi Dear, please give me the link to check where you installed the system. Thanks.

I am interested in your pharmacy store management software. But i need to get few changes done.

1: need to have right assesement for login users. All of them should not have full view of sales.One super admin with all view and other logins should have limited view. How can i do that 2: how can i add GST tax to all sales

Hi,Thanks for your interest. Please make a customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com for your desired changes. Thanks.