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Is it possible to know which staff did a transaction?

The POS works only when the computer is connected to the internet. How can this be chaged so that it works offline too. I added jquery to the commom/js folder and redirected it on the views but it did not help. Any ideas?

Hi, please explain a bit more about the issue.

I figured it out already, Thanks.

Can you pharmacy pos incorporate Stripe for payment processing?

Hi, currently this script doesnt support any payment gateway. We will strongly consider your advice in our next update. Thanks.

Thank you for responding if I want to pay for that to be included what would that cost me and how soon can I have it done

Hi, please make customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com Thanks

Hello my bro , Is it the possibility of barcode and print invoices

Hi, currently barcode is not possible. Invoice printing is already there. Thanks.

You can a special developed for me And consult on the cost

Please make a customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com

Before i buy this product, kindly let me know of it gives me an alert about expiry date?

Hi, currently it doesn’t. But you can make this customization by yourself if you know codeIgniter. Thanks.

Hi, I would like to make some customization. Do I have to buy first or can I order the customization and pay at once after?

Please buy the script first and then send your customization request with all your requirements at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com Thanks.

Dear Sir,


I have received your php script. but my purpose was not solved.. and if not get solution from your side.. it will seems useless.

1) There is not any option to add Doctor Name ( Prescribed by doctor) 2) There is not any option to add Patient Name/Age/ Address. 3) There is not any extra 1 or 2 coloums (Header) which we can modify as per our requirment. 4)Invoice Format taking too much Gap. It must me half of A4 Paper size. and minimize the gap between 2 lines.. also add above sections on the invoice as per requirement.

Hope you will understand and solve my purpose.

Awaiting for your reply.


Hi Dear, Thanks for your purchase.

The features you referred are not available in the script. You should read the product description and should view the demo before the purchase. No where in the description i mentioned those features.

If you want to add those features in the script you need to take our paid customization service. Please make a customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com . Hope you understand.

Regards, CodeAristos

It says there is the French Language available but I log in to your demo I do not see, can you make that available on the demo please? so we can test and take a look the options, also can this software work offline?

Hi, Here is the french version http://fc-pharmacy.rajbari-bazar.com You can use it offline by local server software xampp or wamp

Thank you, if I buy this now, would it have the english version and french where I can change the language I want to? normally you would have the language on the left hand side and click on the one you want to, is this how this one also will work?

Yes, you will be able to change the language you want to. Just you need to go to application/config/config.php file and change the language name from english to french or french to english. Thanks

i don,t can install


Ok now i can install, But i don,t can login LoL

Hi, Please send your server details at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com I will go through the issue InshaAllah. Thanks.

Pre purchase question,

Does it support with barcode?

Hi, currently barcode is not available. Thanks

Hello, about the currency in my case currency symbol must be on the right of the amount, is it possible to change that or to not put any currency symbol Thank you

Hi, Yes, that is possible.

You are welcome :-)

how much is the cost of this software ? do I have to renew the license annually.? can the activity be viewed remotely online by an administrator ? can the software operate without internet access ?

This software cost $39. No, you dont need to renew it. Buy once and use forever for one installation. Moreover, you can download free all the future updates. Yes, this software is online. You can access from anywhere in the world. Yes, if you install it in your local computer then it can be used locally without internet.


i have two pharmacy,if i buy once can i use this one for my two pharmacy? i Don’t Know how to install it on web server or local server, will you give support on that? will you provide full documentation & all php script? will i get that total software i used on your demo?

and i can see only admin login option, is there any cashier login option in your software?

Hi Dear, Yes, you can use it from your two pharmacy. Yes, i will support you. Yes, you will get the documentation and full source code. You will get the exact software you checked. There are staff login. By creating a staff from admin you can check that in demo.


Amount Received : Amount To Be Paid : what is the purpose for amount to be paid textare

and also there are any tringer in database after data update especial load quantity and i want to see sale interface limitation only i see is admin

Amount received and Amount To Be Paid are for due purpose. If bill is 100 and client want to pay 60 then you will insert 60 in the Amount received . Automatically Amount To Be Paid will be 40. Hope you understand. Thanks

how can I add tax?

There is no tax option currently. Thanks

Hello, so is there a way to use the same script on a local network for more than one computer(different staff members will be at different POS) ?

Yes, that is possible. Thanks

does it gives alert about expiry date?

It doesnt. But if you purchase i can customize that for you. Thanks

Hi, is it possible to add the lot number of the medicine boxes? At least in my country, the drugs come with a lot number, each lot expires on a different date. Therefore a lot number is important to better carry the drug count and its expiration date. Why your system does not work with lots?

Hi, your requested feature can be possible by custiomization. If you want that customization please purchase the script then send a customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com Thanks

before buying, I want to know if the system works with internet connection and without internet connection. That is the sales and registration of medicines can be done also when there is no internet connection ?.

You can use the system either in online or in offline. You can not use in both condition. Thnaks.

The POS works only when the computer is connected to the internet. How can this be changed so that it works offline too. Urgent Help

Hi, please give me the access to your code at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com. I will go through the issue. Thanks.

Dear gentlemen,

I would like to know if it is possible to get your pharmacy software in Russian or Georgian

Hi, Yes this software can be possible in Russian or Georgian. Please purchase and install. I will instruct you to do this. Thanks.