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very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks Mate, i really appreciate that.

Nice app. The demo is not working: Invalid login attempt.

thanks for pointing out, app is working now..Regards

i dont want email option, address option remarks option (required fill) just optional in which i can entry quickly for next option to go to invoice

is it possible operator or manager account add to this product ??

yes, it is possible just required some customization…Please contact at skype : for further information.. we can provide these customization in cheap prices…thanks

Hello interested in the system but i would like to add features like shift allocations,employees management, salary management kindly email me with a quote for customization

i have sent you an email…


I have sent you a mail with some clarifications.

Hope, you would have got it and waiting for your early response please.


Thanks for your email. Please contact on skype : for better & fast communication. thanks

cannot find your given name in the skype

give me yours

I purchased this product and i had doubt about it when i try to logging i got this message Invalid logging Attempt.

please contact at Skype :

Don´t do business with the authors he will only deceive you, I have bought his services, but has not delivered it.

which service you have bought?? Please let us know…

Dear Aman, We purchased your software, we also discussed at your given Skype ID, but I m sorry to say, still now no respo or support? I was intended to buy few more apps of you, but if you will not give proper support, we cant. Please run your project now asap. Thanks.

Soory for late reply…We are off on sunday….I have replied to your message on skype..and i am boud to give you the support you need..Thanks for being our customer.


Do you offer customization for this script? If yes, then please provide email id where I can send the requirements. Contact form on your website is giving error on submission.

Thank you.

Is the source code available? Is there a winforms version?

Source Code available. No Only Web version MVC

Do this app works on PHP ? like on Linux Cpanel ???

no dear , its MVC & works on Windows hostings

Adding user roles to Controllers and Controller Actions inside the Web GUI

Hello, does this app come with a entity framework and .NET Identity user role management GUI with controls for adding, users, roles, permissions.

Does the component support the following.

Adding, Users, Roles, Permissions, that secure/edit permissions the controller and the action (without modifying the code)×717.jpg


  1. In the Web Gui for admin role, does the application list/show all the controllers and actions inside the controller?
  2. When I add the permission for a role, does it let me add or map the User Role to the Controllers and Actions.
  3. Does implement hte security and authentication correctly, if the user does not have a role, will the roles prevent user from typing the path to the controller/action (route) to the action.
  4. Can I also manage multiple companies/groups (multi-tenancy) inside my applicaiton – for e.g. Company A has Manager, and workers – Company B manager should NOT be able to see company A employees

I am asking because, I notice, when I typed the route directly in the URL to controller – action it went gave access, even though your app did not have to role permission for the user


Adding user roles to Controllers and Controller Actions inside the Web GUI

Hello, we have an ASP MVC 4.52 web app, and want to purchase a user role management GUI with controls for adding, users, roles, permissions.

Does the component support the following ### Adding, Users, Roles, Permissions , companies is supported?

Please add support team account on Skype :

Hello, I just bought the software today.Please advice on how to I install it on my web server urgently

i was waiting on the skype . But replied on the email with details. thanks

I will appreciate if you provide little steps on how to go about it, for am really regretful on buying something I can not use at this moment when I really wished it already installed. I am sorry I was unavailable on Skype, but I will try early next week

please visit :

and if you still need help you can always contact us @Skype :, thanks


Not familiar with net applications but only php applications.

As such, please let me know how I could install this in the hosting.

Can I use an shared hosting account to install this application ?

Is it the same way I have to upload the files and dd the database in CPanel ?

I find that your advanced version is not working. let us know the login details.

also, what are the differences between this version and the advanced version ?

Please give us the correct guide.


And sorry for the late response we were on holidays

Your skype ID not working

its working dear,

Hi , do you have an exact version of this for Desktop? and also if the application can control the pump machine to stop or begin selling gasoline or diesel? and be able to see at the end of the day the ending balance of liters sold, and the ending balance will be the new balance for the next shift. Thanks!

This will be works on window local but can’t directly connect with machine hardware, you can manually entry for machine reading

how to run it locally on windows?

I am new to windows platform. I have worked in linux platform so please can you guide me step by step to set it up locally using iis on my system.


come on skype:

Hi live demo ?

no sir video demo only.

I would like to Purchase it . but no one rated this as a bug free product. No Live demo also ?

no live demo only video demo, its its bug free with full source code

install it on cpanel ?

no its need for windows web hosting

Hi dear, If I purchase it, you will give me full source code.