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“Export signatures to Microsoft Excel”

Help, where can I find this function in the demo?

Hi, this is probably a stupid question, but I can’t see how on the demo… Can I use this to setup a UK petition?

this is still work nice ? any update ?


TXTFox Purchased

Whatever Happened to making this a Wordpress conversion? We asked months ago. What could be the delay. If not We will do it.

I bought this today. Have trouble with facebook login. Sent ticket. ticket nr: 97

Hi! I change in the admin panel the categories and write in Russian. Why are the words in Russian are indicated by a question? the same thing happens if you write a petition to the Russian language. The whole Russian language looks like this: ????????????????????????????


ykwabia Purchased

Hello, I am getting “Not Found error on the all the pages besides the home. Please help.

How do I enable comments and share and Facebook login?

I answered you in the support system. We don’t offer support in comments. Thank you.

Where can I put my google adsense?

Admin panel -> Settings -> Themes There is a field named ‘ (Only scripts; ex: Google Analytics)’

Ok thanks.

Uploaded petition images are excessively stretched horizontally. Is there a fix for this?

1. It would also be nice to be able to set target number of signatures while adding / editing petition (show progress bar in % on each petition)

2. .. to be able to set deadline for petition. Petition turns red 7days to the deadline.

3. (Perhaps far-fetched).. include another check box just before the “Public display my signature”. Label it “make a contribution to this cause”. If a signatory checks that box before submitting signature, the sign will submissive and open another small form for him to PayPal selected amount.

1 and 2 are relevant. 3 is not necessary but would only make your script sell 75% faster. Just a thought.

Updates coming up? Thx

I noticed FB login does not grab user profile pic. It would be nice to.

Also how do I allow fb / disqus users to sign petition without having to fill a form?


Tweeter and FB sharing of petition not available in the purchased version?

I see it on the demo though. Please tell me what I missed?


For the first time you missed the support system Sharing needs your Facebook AppId. (Admin Panel->Settings->Facebook Login). If you don`t have one just complete only the id with a random number.


we need a complete “new template” for this script and also some added features as a freelance job that gets done by you, so how can we manage to go on?


I am sorry but i don’t work as a freelancer.

Thank you

so do you offer any customization service for this script?

I’m very busy until October. After that I can work.