PET Stand - PET App For PET Lovers

PET Stand - PET App For PET Lovers

Companion Of Your Pet

This app is for pet lovers. This app let’s user to share their pet’s information with other pet lovers. Also helps to find nearby pets and veterinary in Google Maps. This application have unique UI, reminder, public wall and also you can share on other social media, save memories and many more. It is not Just a activity tracker for pet it is more than that.

  • Unique UI
  • Find Near By Veterinary
  • Reminder
  • Public Wall
  • Share on Other Social Media
  • Save Memories
  • Activity Tracker For pet
  • E-commerce application buy and sell pet, petfood etc.

Please Take a Tour Of Our App With This Credentials

Adminpanel URl:

Admin Credintials ‒

Username ‒

Password ‒ 123456

Download App From Play Store

Note : Please use Mobile No. +91 78699 99639 for testing purpose

Note : Please use OTP 1234 for testing purpose

Note : Due to changes in Google API developer Console Policy, Buyer have to provide Authenticate key for Place Picker to work application properly.

App installation docs ‒Click here

Explore More Features of PetStand!

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  • -PetStand is the platform which provides services for pets and for pet’s Lovers.
  • - This app have unique UI Based On Materialize by Google.
  • - In this app user can find near by veterinary.
  • - You can set reminder for your pet it can be categorized
  • - This app provides public wall in which user can join community also.
  • - User can daily enter the moves so you can find relevant information in app.
  • - User can Share their pet information on other social media through this app.
  • - You can upload images of good memories of app and can view anytime.
  • - This app provides you a platform for the show of User’s pet and also provide Public Wall in this app. From this app user can contact with another pet holder.
  • It is an E-commerce app where you can buy food for your pet & buy or sell you pet.

What Will You Get

  • Android Source Code
  • Admin Panel Source Code
  • Installation Docs
  • Api Docs Of Postman

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