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Hi there, how many levels does it have ?

Hi, this game is meant as a survival so there are no levels. Anyway this feature could be easily obtained, adding a coundown and increasing block speed parameter for the level progression.

Absolutely love it. Great work!!

thank you very much!

nice game, can i open or import this in xcode?

you should use phonegap/cordova

Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one? http://socialgrower.com/gamer/fb.htm

sure, send me more details to info@codethislab.com

Hi, i am very interested in your game. Just one question: can i create a native android app with your code?

I suggest you to use phonegap/cordova to prepare a native build

Hi again, i am having problems when using the native android browser. It looks like the javascript event propagation it’s causing a double move and it’s impossible to play, can you please fix it or tell me how to fix it? thanks!

This is an issue that we never encountered during our testing on Android devices. Anyway making a quick search I found this that maybe can help you: http://community.createjs.com/discussions/easeljs/1207-click-event-firing-twice-onsamsung-s3-mobiles

Hi, I have a question. Can this app adjust itself to current screen resolution and size ?

sure, try yourself to open the preview url with different devices: http://codecanyon.net/item/pet-party-columns-html5-game/full_screen_preview/6651091

I love to buy it if you can add in-app purchase and pop up advertising that can be disable by purchasing for $0.99. And for sharing the score to facebook. tks

Hi, we can’t add in-app purchase features but just score sharing. Contact us for further details.

Your document says to enable sound in the settings.js file, however, there is no settings for sound…....I’ve tried to search the JS files and no luck…were is the option to enable sound for mobile devices?

This game version doesn’t contain this feature and also the official documentation doesn’t mention it. Anyway we just uploaded an updated version that will be available in a couple of days as soon as codecanyon approve it.


The sound is not woking on Android when I tried to create APK and the sound does not work on most of the devices.

Please tell me if sounds works on these devices if you play the live preview: http://codecanyon.net/item/pet-party-columns-html5-game/full_screen_preview/6651091

sound works on the device when open in the browser! I have used Intel XDK for converting HTML 5 games to APK. Can you please advice on how to fix the issue of which alternate framework I should use?

Sorry but we just grant that game works well as it is, without any third-party framework. Anyway some users get a working apk using phoneGap. Give it a try.