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Hi! Why does it say You are using a offline version? And does it have AdMob ads? Can it be edited in Eclipse? Thx!

I put both versions in it ..eclipse and android studio …yes i will add both types of adds in the next version ..thx .offline mean no internet use to get and populate data

Hello. Nice work. Whats is the online version? Do have admin panel?

Yes have online version with all new data

does it have Admob ads ?

No …will add next version …

iOS app possibility in future ? And please provide your email

Hello. Will have online version in the future? It’s just what I need, but web .. Thank you

online ..means admin panel ??

Has administration panel? I tested the apk and the communication part does not work.

noooo…I just a demo and Local Storage

Good sales =)

Thanks mam

what is the online version? is it available?

no its just on demand !!