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Hello, as a function you can insert url of a website so as to create in the graphic Mockups

Is there plans for next update

Could this be used for t-shirt mockups?

How can we access editor via web based console? Or how do we edit files via no programming?

Works well but do be aware they may delete at anytime so keep a copy. I bought the WP plugin, which got outdated and broke… then i realised i can install the old wordpress and run it in that, which worked fine. Got rid of that install due to HD space reasons, now need it again but even the outdated file not available. Obviously they made a PHP one so they don’t have to update. Not keen to pay again for what is the same thing exactly… when they may well delete it too

is it possible to develop mockups for this solution by third party ?

i can help you guys email me

where i can translate ? what file i do edit ?

hi where is support?

Hello, i bought the script stand alone! How can i remove this fu… Grid in the picture?? The script is not to use with this Grid!!

HELLO?? Is support here?? I need a fix for that grid problem