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I want to buy this plugin, but want to know can I have a jquery based expander like http://int.soccerway.com/national/india/i-league/20142015/regular-season/r29929/ to show the football goal scored at minute level.

The plugin works just like the demo or the screenshots. If you want an expander you would need to code it yourself.

Can I hv a working demo. The one in your site shows just a shortcode.

yes i find 1 more informative website who provide cricket live scorecard updates with commentary enjoy (y) http://livecrickethub.com

HI i want to know how to insert livescore in my page PHP? Please i need your help

How we remove our Errors arise automatically.. http://clothing4style.com/

This is spam. I have a lot of spam on this plugin.

Hi i just used your plugin but i have a problem i am using it for volleyball which’s is 3 sets or maybe more .. every time i have to add a new set i want the sets to be next each other not every time i create a new set it goes down like here http://asianvolleyball.net/post/8012/ thank you

Show me an example.

Do you offer any customization. I’d be willing to pay extra i am using it for the volleyball sport and i want show all sets next each other set1 set2 …. and the set1 or 2 i can add my score .. but i have to shows all of the sets thank you

I’m not sure, as I don’t have any spare time. Show me an example.

hy!! I want to know more about this plugin. I want to show live score for soccer and cricket matches for http://www.itssportslive.com . Can you guide me about it? I want a match level scoreboard which can be updated every second without refreshing. Please if this can do for me, how much it would cost for any customization?

The plugin works for soccer matches.

Can individual matches scoreboard can be embedded into any post?

Yes, any post, page or widget.

Would this work for individuals competing in a car race with say, 10 heats?

I’m not sure, it would take some changes to the code/display structure.

Ahh, ok – thank you for your reply. Maybe it is something you could look at to develop as part of the current plugin, or as a separate plugin. Thank you

I don’t know, I don’t have that much spare time.

How exactly do i customize the color in this new version?

Hi Kurt, you need to change the CSS by using a custom CSS plugin or by overriding styles in your theme’s stylesheet, most likely style.css.

Hello is there any way to allow half points? Everytime I enter 9.5 for example it changes to 10.

Hi, it’s not possible, but I can add this feature. Expect an update by Friday.

Hi, my livscore plugin dosen’t work. Look at the bottom-right of this page. http://cittasport.com/sambiase-domani-amichevole-col-castrovillari/. Thanks

If i try to delete and reinstall..system says: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12642061 bytes) in /home/cittaspo/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1127”. So , at the moment, i can’t use plugin

Can you disable all your other plugins and themes and try to reinstall the Livescore plugin by itself?


Can I display your module in the widget possition of the pages?

Also, can I display only one match from your module and shortcode it into sportspress page so I have all team names, scores, livescoring, video, stats, etc. I need only this game.

I know that it can be done by having only 1 match in your module but it would be nice if we can input them all at the start of the day and only display the proper livescore for each game page. And then display all results, fixtures and livescoring in one page of our site (or preferably as a widget in the side column)



Yes, you can put the shortcode in a widget.

I am wondering, is there a good way to import data into this system?

Not a native way, but you can use MySQL to format and import data from another system.


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Is it support badminton game livescrore?

If the score looks like 2:0, or 2:0 – 1, then yes. It supports tennis, so I suppose it supports badminton, as well.

Hi, does this support English football? If so is it easy enough to add the shortocde to the page and then when any matches are live it will display the scores?

Yes, it does. And you will have to update the score and the goals yourself. The plugin will then update the score live on your site, just by using a shortcode.


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I bought your plugin in October. It works fine, except that we can not display scores higher than 99. How to solve this problem?



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Thank you, I use this plugin to display scores of basketball (!), football and handball.

The updated release is still in queue, CodeCanyon should update it today.


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Thanks !

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hello this is not working on my phone, it’s just saying “lovescore is loading” and it’s not moving from there

Can I see your page? Maybe you have a conflict with another plugin. Can you see the page from your computer?

There was a setting in Cache plugin that cause the problem but it’s fix now.. do you offer customization to the plugin? i want to used it on a tennis site but there are missing features i would need.

I do not offer further customisation, I don’t have the necessary time.


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Great Plugin but missing some key information for what I need it for and understood would be on it—

1. Live Time per game (its a live score app time essential) 2. only one option of score i would need 1-10 to 1-09 3. Full Time Game option

What would be involved in getting these?