Personal Livescore

Personal Livescore

Personal Livescore plugin allows the administrator to run and maintain a livescore system without the need to sign up for various web services or feeds. The plugin is completely standalone.

Unlike all the other plugins, this plugin is entire controllable by the administrator, and does not require any third-party account. The plugin is white-labeled and offers an embeddable version for other sites. The embeddable version is 100% mobile/tablet compatible and works in real time.

This plugin can be used for soccer, football, handball, volleyball, tennis, hurling and more. It features a X:Y score type and a SET field, for tennis or volleyball.

This plugin feature match details, such as goals.

= 3.0.1 =
  • FIX: Fixed readme.txt plugin details
  • UPDATE: Updated embeddable CSS
  • UPDATE: Improved typography and removed several inline styles
= 3.0.0 =
  • FIX: Fixed integer sanitization
  • FIX: Fixed CSS box sizing
  • FIX: Fixed WordPress admin styles
  • UPDATE: Updated jQuery version for the embed widget
  • UPDATE: Removed images and replaced them widh Dashicons
  • UPDATE: Added dismissible notices
= 2.6 =
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed local jQuery file and enqueued CDN
  • IMPROVEMENT: Loaded wp-load.php instead of wp-config.php
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better wp-load.php localization
  • IMPROVEMENT: Forced cast-to-integer for refresh interval
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better typography for the embedded version of the livescore
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed unused CSS stylesheets as the current one can be changed
= 2.5 =
  • Removed custom fonts
  • Made backend section more responsive
= 2.4.2 =
  • Added check for empty parameter
  • Added WordPress 4.0 compatibility
  • Fixed duplicate name for wp_head() call
  • Fixed livescore issue with empty ‘rel’ GET
= 2.4.1 =
  • Fixed wrong package

= 2.4 =

  • Fixed $wpdb queries
  • Fixed weird paragraph issues when PHP code added a line break
  • Added single ID parameter for shortcode
  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Updated HTML5 code for the embeddable version
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated embedded jQuery version to 1.11.1 (from 1.10.2)

The official homepage with quick help and screenshots: