Personal Diary | Swift 4 - Firebase

Personal Diary | Swift 4 - Firebase

Swift 4.2, Xcode 10 update soon

February 2018 Update

• Added the missing Spring Folder

New video preview is here

Supporting iPhone X

iPhone X released about a week ago, Apple has revealed that they just sold 3M units within it’s first week ! does that ring a bell?. supporting iPhone X boosts your earnings and there’s chance to get featured by Apple

Capture life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments. PRESERVE EVERY MOMENT: There’s no limit to the memories you can save in Perdia


  • Flat Design
  • Unlimited Records (can be Edited to limit the user)
  • Supports Admob, both banner and interstitial
  • Supports iAP, (may need extended license)
  • Sharing feature, you can share your diary to messages, facebook, notes. and etc..
  • Easy and well documented
Package includes
  • Full Source Code
  • Full Flat icon (P)
  • Full Documentation. and support


  • A Firebase account (FREE)
  • A cup of coffee  :)

How do i setup this project? the easiest part is setting up the project, all you need to do is create a iOS project on Firebase. download the GoogleService-info.plist and drag it to your folder, and everything will be fine and RUN THE APP


Thanks for purchasing our code, if you have any questions, any.. be sure to ask it on the comments section, everything is welcome there

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