Discussion on PerfexWiki - Internal knowledge for Perfex CRM

Discussion on PerfexWiki - Internal knowledge for Perfex CRM

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I am very disappointed with techfago_scripts, as they do not update the scripts, so small bugs are not resolved and new features are not included. Note that I am also a Zillapage customer. Please provide updates as I wouldn’t want to give a low review.

Please help me detail Errors for viewing maps.. (screeshot a video or a link detail)... I update 1.0.4 again.


FastwayMD Purchased

Hello! I updated and the error persists. The following error occurs when viewing a mind map. Uncaught SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal at line 1 column 4822 of the JSON data <anonymous> HTTPS://URL/modules/wiki/assets/js/article_mindmap_show.js:18 <anonymous> HTTPS://URL/modules/wiki/assets/js/article_mindmap_show.js:21

Bro Please send me detail your website via I will remote and check for you

Is there a word limit for the wiki articles? My articles are stuck at 5204 words.

If I am adding more words to the article and saving, then words at the end of the article are getting deleted and word count remains at 5204 words. I am not able to make lengthy articles.

Thank friend. Please try modify column “content” at table “wiki_articles” to “LONGTEXT”.

Two functions I would like to see for the editor in fullscreen mode: 1. a menu item and a key combination to save the text. That way you always have to exit fullscreen mode first, save and then go back to fullscreen. 2. an automatic save. It has unfortunately happened to me a few times that I have not edited for a while and then the browser session expired. – Overall though, a great product that I enjoy using, even for longer documentaries.

Thank bro, I wil note it

Is this a new module or is it going to replace the existing Perfex Knowledge Base? I mean will we have two modules so the existing module: Perfex Knowledge Base will remain as it is and if we install your module it will be separate stand-alone module

Yes it will be separate stand-alone module

Can this be used for customers?

Yes bro

Hi, when will the next update come out? is it possible to add the attachment of documents in the articles?

It would be very desirable to be able to assign an item individually to individual customers. This would be helpful, for example, for individual documentation.

You can use public link and send it for customers.

This is not the same as making the link(s) permanently available to the customer through their customer access. Like probably many others, I serve my customers over a long period of time. They would appreciate not having to search for links from email, but simply clicking on them from their customer area.

Got it friend. We will find a more suitable solution for customers

is the wiki encrypted? is it same to put passwords and account info?

wiki save with HTML, You can set permission with staff and department

Hi, as per sent in the Support email, it has permissions bugs, along with missing translations for other languages besides English.

Do you have an estimation of when will fix the permissions bug?

Thank you.

You can add new languages in folder modules/wiki/language/

OK, how about the permission bug, can you please share an estimation of when it can be fixed?


Help me create detail error permssion bug ticket via

Do you plan to update it?

What feature you want update?

mind map for clients

Currently this app for staff. Don’t have plan for clients. You can share mindmap link for client

Any plans to implement any of what @AndrewBucklin said? 2 comments up. If this is going to be implemented, then I will buy it. If you can add extra security features to this module it will be awesome. Restrict Wiki’s to certain people/groups.

Thank you. I will note it.

Any idea on updates. I see its been nearly a yr since last update. Keen to purchase, but worried, that there are no more updates. If there are updates, is there any eta for it?

It is now fully featured. So no new features added just bugs.

Hello, I would like to purchase this module if it has the ability to show wiki books to Customers. And select who can see it from Customers Groups Or a Specific Customer. Can you tell me when you planning to add this feature? Or do you provide it as an extra paid customization to the current module?

Thank you

Currently It work for staff bro.

Is it possible to set permissions on a Wiki Book so that only a specific customer can see articles within that Book? The use case is for private sharing of documentation and customer-specific procedures between our support agents and the customer.

Customers have Knowledgebase of PerfexCRM bro.

PerfexCRM doesn’t have ability to restrict Knowledge Base groups to specific customers or customer groups.

If we create Knowledge Base articles with a customer’s software license information, network architecture diagrams, internal policies, procedures, passwords, etc. then we need ability to restrict those to only the customer. If other customers were able to also see this confidential information, it would be problematic.

So your module does not allow that, right?

Yes currently don’t have this feature. I will note it. If have multi customers I will add it.

You should improve Search feature. 1 – it currently looks for exact expression. But you have to use regex to improve this so for example it bypasses multiple white spaces… 2 – We often look for many words instead of exact expression. So I have to find a document containing the word Client AND the word Invoice for example. This is not possible. Isn’t it?

Thank you pro. I will note it.

Can we create category and subcategory for knowledge and add pdf file into post ??

You can add pdf with link. Currently don’t have subcategory

Is it possible to embed videos from vimeo and youtube?

Yes you can insert media

mind map for clients.

Currently this app for staff. Don’t have plan for clients. You can share mindmap link for client

There is a major problem with this application. If you want to give Create and Edit access of Articles to your staff, you have to provide them with GLOBAL VIEW permission so that they can see ALL the articles, across all the WikiBooks. I don’t know what the author was thinking while writing it.

I have explained you the problem over mail for around 4-5 times and you still are not able to understand. Hopefully you can read the problem in the comment that i wrote and fix it in future

Sorry for the inconvenience bro. Many customers do not have the same error as you. Chat with me bro. Need to check your code to help you.

Thanks but i have corrected the code myself and its working fine

Support is very poor, their code has error and they are not responding even after sending follow up emails

Hi bro, I’m not see your email: send me a email via

HI bro, please I’m not see your email

I have mailed you again, please check and if you don’t see in Inbox then check Spam also once

The login does not work to test. It says Invalid email or Invalid password.

Other questions Are - Does it have versioning function? - Does it have review function to release document from higher authority? - Can the documents be referenced in each other? - Is there a global search function?

Check again bro I see demo work. Demo website:

Account demo:

email: pass:

I would like to know if there is a feature of hierarchical permissions, like when a department head creates Wiki Book or Wiki Articles, other department heads can’t edit it. Each person has their own space, and can only be viewed with permission

You need customize advance permission friend.

Hi, will I somehow be able to give the client access to the wiki document I create? I mean, will there be any additional wikibook button in the customer panel?

Ok Friend. I will note it.


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