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Can I create my own system based on perfex and sell it to clients always making sure i pay a new license per each client? I will make it white label for each client but again i will make sure i purchase 1 license per client. Can we do that?

You can only bill 1 client per 1 licence by purchasing extended version.

PrePurchase Question.


Our favorite feature is how we can create Custom Fields. But the only thing we need to make this perfect is:

- When creating a Custom Field you can select Checkbox, Select, etc. But there is no Multi Select. Do you think that’s doable?

We’re a translation company. So a client could ask us to translate a document that is in English and turn it into Spanish, Italian and French.

So we’d create a Custom Field for the Translated Language. But we’d like it if we could select more than one Translated Language. Like you can in the PROJECT MEMBERS multi-select in NEW PROJECT. Right now my only option is Checkbox, but it would be nicer if it was a multiselect dropdown.

I don’t know if I made this confusing.

TWO MORE QUESTIONS 1. We’d create users for our translators. So they can go in the Project Manager and update their progress. But is it possible for them to create Invoices that the Administrator can pay from the platform?

2. Can a CLIENT ask for an estimate using the estimate section? Or would they have to send a message/ticket to request an estimate?

3. Can we export our Leads list to CSV?

@avrcata wow, thank you for answering. I’m excited to read you answer. This does look like an amazing CRM solution. Let’s see what the author has to say :)

1. Yes there is no multi select you can use the checkboxes instead. Eq add English, Spanish, French and an user can select multiple languages. We will consider to add this option in future updates.

2. Currently the client will need to send a message/ticket to request an estimate but for non clients you can use web to lead form, read more here:

3. Yes but only from the table by clicking on the export button on the left side and then click CSV.


Hi, @unlimiteddesigner Just to be clar, I don’t work for MSTdev and I don’t do freelance work on Perfex. I’m just a fan of this product. Haven’t bought it until now because I don’t have time to work on it right now. Probably I will buy 1.6.2 as soon as it will be available. As for your questions, you’d probably wait for the author’s reply but as far as I tested, all the things you request are doable. Maybe without any customizations at all. You’ll just have to find a way to use this product with the features it already have (and there a lot) to meet your demands. Just by reading your questions I was able to imagine how I could acomplish if I was you. :) But better wait for the author’s reply just to be sure. By the way… you have chosen the best product of it’s kind that’s available out there :) So, good luck!

Can we create proforma invoices, receive payment on them and then convert them to real invoices? If not possible how much it will cost for you to do it ? Im looking forward to it. Maybe you can sell addons for perfex and extend its functionalities.


Currently we do not have an option to create a proforma invoice in Perfex CRM. As a work-around we suggest the following method to achieve your requirement: Use Estimate as Proforma invoices

Use an Estimate to create a proforma invoice. This can be achieved by changing the “Document Title” of the estimate template. Send the Estimate to your customer.

Then convert it to an invoice when you receive the payment from your customer.

Read more here how to change document title: – Changing Invoice/Estimate PDF Heading

I additionaly recomend you to change the estimate (EST-) prefix in Setup->Settings->Finance->Estimates.


If I do that I will loose the estimated functionality. The best way to do it will be to convert a estimate to a proforma or invoice. How easy it will be to create a new section called proforma invoice and take the same functionalities from the invoice ? Or maybe easier to have several types of invoices, example , proforma invoice , invoice and “not declared Invoice”

no Laravel? Codeigniter is really getting old. Any plans to change or create a new crm in laravel?

Hi there.
Perfex CRM is build in Codeigniter and works effective and functional and Codeigniter still its one of the best frameworks, unfortunately we don’t have any plans rewriting the whole script in Laravel.

Since we deal with many login details so does it allow to assign a login details for each subscription or client?


Currently you can’t achieve this directly but as a workaround you can use the customers notes section to store that kind of informations.


Hi ; I need help about this error ” invalid jquery ui configuration. selectable draggable and droppable components must be included ” where i cant use media utility

We can’t see the problem on our side. Open suport ticket at and provide us some login details so we can take a look this issue for you.


Can clients sign contracts online within this CRM? Thank you!

Unfortunately this is not a feature.


osamah88 Purchased

I have two questions

First Can I watch private customers all staff member

For example, when you press the Max Pollich account I want to watch all the customers who had registered by the system

Second Can I delete or modify any field of the client’s field?

For example, delete the field Latitude (Google Maps)

I needed because I do not

Is it possible to deliver reports to customers? Is it good to use with security guard companies?

Not directly, but you can export the reports from eq. Reports->Sales in csv or pdf and sent to your customers.

Depends what you need for the security guard companies, you can test on the demo to check if will fit good for your requirements.


Many times and people need the ability to create a Non Declared invoice to avoid paying taxes , for example if you sell a website to your brother you will like to record that sell but not to create a legal invoice on it as you brother may tell you he will no like to pay taxes. Is it possible to create several types of invoices , the real ones and the ones that are just sells and that do not create a Invoice Number ? Is just like a sell more than a invoice.


Do you have pland to add a payment gateway that works for Latin America like PayU? That is the only payment gateway that really works . On Latam we dont have access to open a paypal , sripe or authorize account so having PayU will sure make many new latam clients to purchase as this will be the only crm that has it on codecanyon. If you dont want to do it please give us a documentation on adding new gateways, we can surely develop payulatam but we will need some starting docs on perfex.

Also i will be creating new modules for perfex, is this a modular project, can we add new modules or plugins to it ? Any docs?

We have suppliers that sell us on different currencies, for expample employees charge us on COP but ENVATO in USD. What is the best aproach to record this expenses? It will really make perfex perfect i it had accountability option like selecting the bank account from where the money is being taken or added.

adding accounting as it works on ibilling will make perfex the best and only option. Accounting is not difficult, you just need to add deposits, accounts, transfers from account and currency with amount conversion. That will be all and will make perfex perfect for any use type. If you wish you can sell the accounting as a addon as it will work for many customers who have ask for it. You already have a huge amount of sales just creating it and selling it as something additional can increase your sales from 20 to 30% or more . Just take a look at the comments, that is the only gap missing to fill.

also i understand you did not made perfex to be a accounting software but that is what many of your customers are looking and many of them are going from perfex to ibilling back and forward just to find out that you are more than half way ahead on creating the accounting system than they are of creating a great CRM.


gugga7 Purchased

Is there an option to notify the customer when a task is updated? (for example, a checklist item is checked..)

Pipe don´t work with office365.

Error: Don´t find server

Is there a way to simply enter total time spent on a task, instead of using the timer or timesheet?

Good work MSTdev. I have one little issue i.e the Goal Progress bar is not showing the right percentage being always 0% but in the table (http://localhost/perfex/admin/goals) the percentage is right. Any idea? (i am testing it on my local xampp install) thanks

User danielevz posted a message:

“Can I create my own system based on perfex and sell it to clients always making sure i pay a new license per each client? I will make it white label for each client but again i will make sure i purchase 1 license per client. Can we do that?”

To which you, the Author (MSTdev), replied: “Hello. You can only bill 1 client per 1 licence by purchasing extended version. Thanks.”

You answered his first question about a licence being required for each client, but not the second question – can the product be ‘white-labelled’ after purchasing a licence for a client?

Look forward to your response as I am currently reviewing CRM’s for the best fit for our clients needs.