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Hello, I want to host a database with 50 thousand clients, the system supports without crashing? Can I modify customer information? Like for example include whatsapp.


Perfex CRM use datatables serverside implementation which means that not all customers are fetched in one query when they are showing in the table. This will give you the ability to have huge amount of data in the database.

Also eq when creating invoice the customers are not fetched on page load, the dropdown use AJAX search to fetch the customer based on what you type in the dropdown searchbar.

Keep in mind that if you have a lot data you cant use any shared server, if you are gonna use shared server in all cases you can encounter problems with performance.

You can modify customer informations, about including whatsapp you need to do your own logics and find a developer for this and see how it would work.

Hope this helps. Regards.


rashkoff Purchased

Hello, I want to ask you a few things:

- I need to make highly personalize pdf file for estimate and invoices. Is it possible to make a background image?

- how can I echo a specific value (for ex. the client name or the doc data) to make personalize the pdf and the web estimate and invoice

- In future the custom filed will be able to be translate?


Pre-sale question: Is it possible to make the date appear in the pop up instead of “created there is…”?

Sorry screen here: . Moreover, the date have to appear in the export to instead of created there is…


Thanks for contacting.

You will need to edit the files to achieve this.

Read more about at the following link:


Wondering if its possible to use for a cold call type system- log the call/lead with follow up and then convert to lead ?


Thanks for contacting.

Currently this is not an option atm, but you can integrate this on your own by hiring a developer.


Can each user, say freelancers that work for me, integrate their own Google Calendars into their account. So I could see their availability, schedules, etc. Of course that user would have to allow it and set it.

If not, this would be super valuable to me when working with freelancers on projects and planning.

And other questions:

Can Users write a profile with keywords? I want to be able to search for things like “motion graphics designer” or “video editor” and get a list of users/freelancers that i might consider hiring for projects.

Many of my projects have a standard list of 100 tasks or so. Is there any way to set up a task template for new projects so they all don’t have to be typed in one by one? Or maybe there can be project templates created with predetermined task lists?

Can I import/Export lists of clients?

In standard Kanban/Agile a set of tasks can be created for multiple developers and can remain unassigned until someone claims it and starts work. I LOVE your kanban view for tasks, but can it work like I describe? Can a task remain unassigned and then a worker claims it and moves it to the next column? Or is that an Admin only thing?

Can a client see a deliverable, say a logo design, and give an approval in the system? Many times, my client’s “to-do’s” are approving things along the way. If we could set that up in the project, as a client task, that’d be awesome.

Thank you!

Are you considering any integrations with other services, like MailChimp for instance?

Hi Marjan!

I’m also interested in the features described by @danielburns And also, many others :) like a chat system. I know you reject the idea of implementing a chat solution but if you could just hear my way of doing it, you might consider this feature useful after all:

First, employees should be able to chat with each other just like facebook messenger.
Second, when they are assigned to a project, they should be able to see the contact for that company/client in their contacts list for chatting. But only after they are assigned to that respective project.
Third, clients should also have this chat box on Client Area, where they can only see in the contacts list, all the people working on their project.

This way interaction should be made easier, and also the workflow would be much improved without the back and forth (CRM > Mail > Skype > Mail > CRM).

All conversations would be better organized into one place.

Also, in the future, this feature could be improved and every contact from the messenger list should have a tag (eg: Project Manager, Designer, Developer, Client, Admin, Marketer and so on).

What do you think? Personally, I think this feature would be much more valuable (and also valued by current and future customers of Perfex) then a simple messages box (like email)

Please consider my scenario and if you think I could give you a hand, you got my email. Today I searched all the internet for chat scripts to implement in CodeIgniter and found some good stuff.

Thank you for your time reading this comment. All the best!

as per the due date recurring date should fix.

kindly help me

I am testing out the system and see that in the Company address that there is no place to put the state like California “CA” ? this shows up on the invoices and so on without that important information. I find this odd.

Very nice CRM System. Everybody loves it in our company. But we need a System Chat like in Facebook. Its so important, that you can fast communicate with Team Members. The Messagebox is not a substitute.

If you renewing my support

What do you benefit? Are you just answering my questions? Or if I have some minor modifications Will specialists implement it?