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Can we just use the preloader to pre-load the entire content of the page rather than just images?

Hi MLighthall94,

Yes it’s possible to preload all of a page’s assets, but they need to be manually defined in the preloader’s script. Check out the Advanced Lists section here to see how you can preload different types of page assets.


Please give an example to preloader on the page and not only pictures. I’m not expert .

Hi acfj,

When you say “page” you mean like a template or a theme? If so, the setup for this would be specific to the template of theme, but the documentation covers how you can setup preloading for a wide variety of resources being loaded into the page. The “Advanced Lists” part would be an example of preloading multiple resources from a template or theme.


Thanks for the reply Not template, it is not theme, I built an html page, and I want the preloader to serve when the whole html page is loaded. I read the document, but I can not know put it into practice. I need your help. Thank U.

Hi acfj,

I think the documentation covers how this can be accomplished. I don’t provide custom setups, but recommend Envato Studio for this.

Best Regards,


Hi CodingJack

Great preloader. But the loading is almost immediate, even on my internet web host. I’ve turned the disableCache to ‘true’ but it’s still the same. Is there any way of slowing it down? I’m only loading one small image. Is this the reason?

Thanks Cal

Hi Calvin,

Yes it depends on how much content is being preloaded, the file size of that content, and also the internet connection speed. If the content loads almost immediately, I don’t think you need a preloader for the content.


Hi -
Our pages load several sections – like footer, navigation, sidebars – as includes.  Actually we are using a simple load function as follows:

<script >

This is where the content is being loaded in divs …

<div class=”grid_2 sidebar mt20 bgcolor8”>
<div id=”sidebar-social-links1”></div>
<div id=”sidebar-helpful-links1”></div>

If the internet connection is slow, it make take a few seconds to load these.  I want to show the progress of loading these sections at each location where the section is located on the page. That means there may be several loads at several places on the page.

Can I use your script for this?  Multiple times on a page?
Thank you

Hi gynexgroup,

Yes you could load these html files using an “Advanced List” as shown here:


Hi! I want to use a text before the preloader is finished. how can i do for use a


instead the images . how can i set an attribute like “data-cj-preload” for a text?

Hi Thedkonings,

You could add some text to the “cj-preloader” div like this:

        <div id="cj-preloader"><h1 style="color: white; font: 36px Verdana; position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; margin: -100px 0 0 -100px">Some Text</h1><span>0%</span></div>


I want to include the preloader into my Edge Animate page html page, could you please guide me on how to use the js inside Edge Animate?

Hi Bugsracer,

From my experience Adobe Edge animations are too heavy for a preloader. What happens is they require so many browser resources when loading, this slows the browser’s frame-rate to a screeching halt, preventing something like a CSS preloader from animating at all. So I think your best bet would be to show a simple static text message that says “loading”, and then remove that text when the Adobe Edge animation has fully loaded.


for presales question: is this mobile responsive?