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Great plugin! :)

Thanks a lot :)

it’s not showing on product page. i want such like this : there is specify shipping charges on product page . and when you click add to cart total amount with shipping charges will show on cart page. can you do this ?

Is there any extra fee you charge ?

Yes, as this customization will be only for your website, and if you can send full details of the customization, we will send you time/cost for it.

Hello Oyecart,

Please update us about your requirement for customization.


Hello, I need to add a shipping price according to price, I have 4 zones, one is 6% of the total invoice value, another is 7% of the total value of the invoice, ect.
the shipping company charges me for the full value of the invoice a % of the total value,
can this plugin make it?

Our Extension of Shipping is only calculate shipping price for individual item (quantity). This also have an option to add shipping for particular country. So you can charge shipping for first item or additional item country wise.

We will look more possibilities for your requirements and will update you later today. Please let us know if you like to develop it custom for you.

Our Extension of Shipping is only calculate shipping price for individual item (quantity), so that will not fit for your requirements of zones and % shipping for total invoice.

By Zones means a group of countries for particular shipping in % of total invoice?

If you like us to develop it for you custom, then please let us know.

Interested in buying. Is there a way to not have a default flat rate price? Example, I put $5 flat fee 1 product and that’s it, all the other products don’t have that $5 flat fee.

All the free Magento extensions don’t offer this which is why I’m going paid.

Hello Juliantrueflynn, Greetings!

Thanks for asking query before purchasing our extension. Our extension calculates shipping on every product. We also gave option for set-up shipping for additional quantity of product. If shipping isn’t set for particular product then it isn’t calculated for that product.

Please review it and let me know if you need more information from us.

Regards, Team Vivacity

Interested in buying. is it possible product restrict by country? Example, Some product will not be sell at some country. let say, Some Camera will not sell in Japan. but some will sell in japan. Can do it? if not, any plan to sell for Restict by country extenson?

Hello Sir, Greetings!

Thanks for having intrest in our Services. Yes its possible to restrict products in some countries. Please can you let us know which way you prefer:

1. Do not show products in some countries on any page like (Home Page,Category page, Recent view etc.)

2. Or you want to show products but want to restrict from buying for some specific countries, this can be done on checkout page when buyer put his shipping address.

Please let us know more about how you want this to be, so that we can provide you a cost for developing such extension for you. This needs to be custom developed, because this is not available in Per Product Flat Shipping Extension you looking for.

Thanks & Regards

Team Vivacity

Hello Sir,

we will show all products in all countries. we will not hide any products.

Customer still can add to cart products and see in view cart (or) checkout page. After they choose country, products will be show alert message for restrict country. so they need to remove this products.

For Example: 1) check this extension ( ) but it is for state. check their screenshot. 2) check in this website: ( ) and try to add and see in view cart for this one “Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera (Body Only)” . choose country “Singapore”. you will see what will happen.

We want similar like that. Thanks

Hello Sir,


We have now checked your details, and we can develop an extension for you.

Please can you contact on for above requirements and we will then update you for time/cost of developing such extension.

Thanks & Regards

Team Vivacity

For example: Can I have a flat rate for 1 product, another flat rate for 2 of these products, another flat for 5 and another flat for unlimited over 5?

Dear user, Greetings!

your query will be filled up with this extension, please try it