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Hi, looks very nice! How can i share a task?

admin demo?

Wow! I´ll buy it for sure! And I really think that your sales will grow up faster! :)

Waiting for the update! Do you have an ETA?

Sorry, I’m working on a different project at the moment.

Just a small tip: - Don’t trust user input (xss)

The platform itself looks nice :)

Would be awesome if this supported nested tasks! :)

Script isn’t working right now on live preview, see screenshot with funny text included.

STS debugging is turned on in the Demo. This is a 404 Screen. Laravel using the Woops package and it is actually very useful. Thanks for the heads up!

Glad to see a great tool set in use. To the author I have to say be patient and wait for people to realize this is the way to go. I personally use CodeIgniter with AngularJS, but backbone is really awesome too and used by some really big, modern sites. Lavarel is probably going to be the next big thing too, but it is still relatively new and people like Phil Sturgeon have only recently joined that project.

Greetings BastianHofmann ,
could your product be connected to a user table in an sql database?
if so with what degree of difficulty would you rate it?
excellent script and its a shame it seems to be overlooked
wanting to apply to the backend administration panel to allow sharing of tasked between admin , moderators and staff
thank you

The script is connected to a mysql database and actually creates a users table (using php artisan migrate). If you already have users you want to import you could copy them to the pensum users table.

Thank you very much for your interest!

thanks for the speedy reply hope to purchase shortly

If you run into problems, feel free to contact me any time. (Email form can be found on the support page)

I just bought this and have no idea how to install it.. O.o

It’s rather easy. I added a installation section to the documentation.

I have a shared host on an addon domain..

I’m sorry but I can’t give you a step by step instruction on how to set the app up on a live server. A tutorial on how to set it up locally is in the documentation.

But, you basically need PHP 5.4 with mcrypt, point a virtualhost to the public directory and connect a mysql database to the app by setting the information in app/config/database.php. Then run `php artisan migrate` to migrate the database.

You may also refer to the laravel documentation:

That’s pretty much how you set up any php application.

Hopefully this was helpful. Unfortunately the comments section is not the place to discuss individual support. Feel free to head over to the support tab and fill out the contact form, if you have any further question.

You focused to much on the technical description and not enough on the features/benefits, if you explained how it works then you will get more sales. I would buy but I don’t don’t how to use it properly.

I really love this script. But I’m just wondering if I can develop it to meet my requirements? so can you please provide a screenshot of folders and files structure? and some snippets from code that you’ve wrote? .. if yes! I will bought one now.

Thanks for your time.

hello before buying i would like to know if the login-function uses DB or is the login-info code in file? can i have more users?

rgds Martin

The user information is stored in the database. The password is hashed. The number of users is unlimited.

It would be much better if they get a notification of watched tasks by email instead.

planning on any updates on this? and if so, which? rgds Martin

Update is live

great thanks :-) now I will play around with it :-)

hello, any update on the error with backbone, so I don’t have to run “php artisan serve”?

Nice script. I think it misses drag/drop function so user can rearrange lists, and it needs a little bit of AJAX, it’s nicer when your page doesn’t reload every time you click on something.

Script isn’t working on the demo page. Can´t login :( Maybe it si my local problem with … adblock, etc…

live demo is down. Please get it back so i can evaluate and buy.


Demo isn’t working for me neither, hope u can get it back soon

I’m sorry i’ll try to get around to get it back online.

still no demo, not how you get sales

Where is the demo?

Live demo isn’t working? Would like to buy asap but need to see demo.