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Thank you!

Hello~ We are interested to buy this but we found that there is no sound on iPad and Android. Would you please help to check this?

Thank you very much for your help.

I have already purchased version 1.1 and the sound is still not working on iPad Mini 2 and Android 4.3, 4.4.

And if there is any way that I can access the score and change the link of menu once the game is over? We need to send the score back to our own server.

Thank you very much for your help.

About the sound issue, as I mentioned before, iOS has many limitations for sounds on HTML5 apps and there nothing that we could do about it. And about android, we tested the game on different browsers and sound works on some of them, but as you mentioned, it doesn’t play on the rest. This issue is partly caused by Game Makers limitations and partly by some limitations on certain browsers (for example Firefox is usually the best browser for playing HTML5 apps)

And about accessing the score and changing the link, I will give you a modified version in a few days. But email us so that we can send you the file later and continue talking there (if needed).

Thank you very much for your time and help. We understand the limitation of sound issue and it works well on Firefox now. For the changes details, we have just contacted you through email.


I am writing this mail regarding Regarding Penalty Mania game I bought from http://codecanyon.net/

The URL for the item is : http://codecanyon.net/item/penalty-mania-html5-game/7749249

I bought the game to use it a component one of my facebook application and for that I need to make some adjustments in games functionality. But when I was checking the source file I found the JS file is encrypted.

I bought it under regular licence for USD 12.

Do let me know if I need to buy some other version to get access of the source code.

Thanks for your kind help and support on this.

With warm regards Sheo Tiwary

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

About the codes, the engine only gives us minified and obfuscated codes and it makes editing difficult. But you can use this github project (https://github.com/einars/js-beautify) to un-minify them. You may be able to modify it this way.

So test it and see what will happen. But if you couldn’t, tell us and we will see what can be done.


Thanks for your response, but the link you have given above is just adds indents and makes the code readable and does not decript the code. The JS code is still in encrypted format.

I think you people have developed this with GameMaker Studio, and you people are sharing the compiled file and not the source file.

But if any one needs to make any changes in functionality the source file is needed.

Thanks Sheo Tiwary

I have answered your email.

Good game. Could be great game if physics tweaked a bit. Sometimes the trajectory shown after swipe is not reflected in the actual motion of the ball. Still good.

Hi and sorry for answering late,

The ball goes to the last locations of your mouse or finger and so for being precise, you should draw the line till the goal’s line.

I figured this out after a while. Thanks for your reply. Suggest for your demo screen you draw the line into the goal. Would help new users ;-)


We may add it!

Hi there, is the construct file included?

Contact us via our email so that we can talk there about it.

It’s a pretty simple question, no need for private emails. Will you provide the gamemaker files?

Unfortunately our Game Maker programmer doesn’t give the codes for free. If it was made with Construct 2, we could give you the codes for free (as we currently do with our Construct 2 games).

Hi can you please tell me if its possible to grab the score and level from the end game?

For instance is there a section within the js which has

//do your cool stuff here :)



There are some ways for doing it. Contact us via our email so that we can give you more details.

Hi I have several questions before purchasing

1. Am I able to reskin the game using my own graphics?

2. Am i able to modify the game such that it only allows 1 round of play?

Thank you


1- You can easily change all elements related to game’s appearance and also sounds. If you faced any issues in doing so, we will help you.

2- The game’s java script codes are made with game engine and editing them is not easy. But we can do this for you and small changes like this are usually free.

If there is anything else that you need to know, feel free to ask.


I would like to modify the game to allow that canvas takes dimensions from a div container. But code is encrypted. How can I get it?


Hi there and thank you fro your purchase,

The code is encrypted because it is made with a game engine. If the dimensions are in pixels, then a javascript function can be used to change it. Also you can use iframe to run the game with the size that you want (some of our customers has done this).

Hi, presale question:

is it possible to make a login and ranking?


Hi there,

Unfortunately it is not possible to do this.

I have the same question about encrypted JavaScript. We want to customize a lot of thing in your source code. Can you help me with this?

Hi there,

This game is made with a game engine and that’s why the js files are encrypted and so you need the game’s project file to edit it. If you like, email us your purchase ID and we will send the game’s project file so that you can edit it yourself.

I’ve sent email to you with my Purchase ID already. My email is thaivinhloc@gmail.com. Please send me your game’s project file, because it is urgent. Thanks you so much.

I have already sent it to you. I answered your email and attached the project file to it (about 21 hours ago). Check your spam folder too. Anyway, I will send it again now.

Hi, I sent you a few questions, can you answer me please, this is very urgent

Hi there and thank you for your purchase,

I answered your email about 20 hours ago. Check it again.

really sorry I missed the answer, which was in spam because of the attached piece! thank you again and come again unto you if I have other questions and thank you again

No problem!

Hi is it possible to communicate with the webserver after a certain kind of action from the game, like if all balls have been shot.

I want to make a challenge so that if a user finishes his game he is forwarded to a new website. The points he has reached should also be transmitted to the server.

Hi there,

In general, it is possible to implement these changes, but they are not very easy to do. If you like, email us and we can talk about it in more details.