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Can u plz add bitcoin payment system for buy credit

we planning to add more payment option in the future ( more payment plugins are under developing )

If u are launching bitcoin then a ll soon buy it

it is up to you, bitcoin and more features will add in the future, but we think the product case and price will change for newer buyers, you are welcome

When is the update coming out please? There are few things need to be fixed in layout etc. Hopefully you release the next update soon as I am putting my site on hold since I purchased this script. But it looks all great I am very happy with the script.

AWESOME bro thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to the plugin. And thanks for considering the profile section.

AWESOME bro thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to the plugin. And thanks for considering the profile section.

You are welcome

please fix >>> ...also why when click on profile or most links on site does it open a new page all the time? ...and yes we did purchase this script…another cc account

Hi dear, this minor css issue fixed for next update, next update will be available in the end of this month, about new window open it is for spotlight only profiles, and it is regular function to keep users at the main page while browsing spotlighted members, but any other links open in the same window, it is very important to use your purchase account when you need support, non purchased accounts never reply for support, but we reply non purchase for questions only Thank you


Then you have a plugin of migration, to transfer my members already registered of our site on your plugin.

The new features we asked for?

Four groups: The free woman group, except sends gifts that are paying.

The group of men with restricted access, this means: Can not send and read private messages. Can not consult the profiles of women.

The group of men free 30 days an example. With unlimited access For example: send and receive private messages, continue to consult the profiles of women, etc ….....

The group of men premium any accés, Except sends gifts that are chargeable.

The free woman group and the group of men pay therefore a free access for example of 30 days.

The woman who makes her registration will be redirected to the free woman group.

The man will be redirected to the group of 30 days and have a provisional access of 30 days. After the expiration of 30 days.

The man will be redirected to the group of men, he will be asked to subscribe a subscription to continue having access to the rest of the site: For example: send and receive private messages, continue to consult the profiles of women, etc ….....


New peepmatches version will available this week, and new premium plugins will available after 3 weeks when Envato reviewers apply it .


I come back to you, what’s new? Did you add the requested features?

Thank you

Yes i added the most of requested features, you can see the update changelog from item description at the bottom of the page or you can read this article from our official website here

i kept this script from my close friend and i was testing before buying it … version 1.1.0 but when i try to install or to run /install it show me this :

( ps : im trying on )

I got it, and our discount for Christmas started now, Enjoy and hurry up before this offer expire . Thank you for your interesting .

Great too Hear :D Good Luck & Happy New Year :D

Horrible design, fonts and gfx. Modern websites this is joke right :) It looks like 90’s website

loads of bugs in the theme when language changed to RTL specially on mobile

Haha. Really you are using illegal free copy from our script then come for support? Be a man and purchase then come for support. What do you think about your site? With this free copy it will go a way soon

Just checked your demo, but could not find any features to knowing when users are online or not

Hi. When user be online green sign wiĺl appear. But if a user be offline last activity timestamp will appear instead

Can we have something, like “Online / Chat” instead?

we will put this suggestion in future map updates

What’s the description of the latest update?

Thanks. Though your user features are great, they are incoherent with the features in the admin Panel

Your Admin Panel looks like a botched effort to combine the obsolete OxWall admin panel with something else.

Try to build a better responsive designed Admin Panel which is consistent with the user features, in your next update. Thanks

Ok, we will take it seriously

you still haven’t fixed this >>>>

cool thanks…but invite friends not working…when clicked it does nothing >>>

I don’t see that you a purchaser, so i can’t give you technical support

if you want try it, you can use our demo, if purchase from another envato account, then please comment by the account that you purchase by it, i must see purchase sign to give you technical reply, if you stole our script or use nulled one from anywhere, then you can;t enjoy with our script . you should know that i will never reply your comments gain since i see that you installing our script without purchase account, according your video, this a live site not our demo .

lowpage is webmaster for>>>>>cool thanks…but invite friends not working…when clicked it does nothing >>>

first of all, is it working now ? i don’t now how it is be responsive, if you talking about the confirmation window ? it must fit the window automatically, facebook canvas window it related to facebook not to our script


mingb Purchased

the button does nothing when i click on invite facebook users…i gave you admin acces so you can see. it does not work. facebook app credentials are correct

yes i checked your admin, but you said that still no responsive when i click invite facebook friends, so i thought that worked . provide me a screenshot for your facebook app by my email . .

Love the script but only thing that is lacking is point per message let me know if you can do custom work :)

even then this one you quoted “you can assign it from credits system plugin, but we disabled it in our live demo”

Sorry to say this, But it is very long time you asked questions without any purchase, are you see it is normal ?

yeah perfect just waiting for codecanyon to give me a refund from vadoo script then I will buy this one :)

Pls can I upload my own plugins to the script or I have to depend on peepdev for all the plugins I will use on my website.i have seen events .php but cant see it at plugins

If i understand right, if you want make your own plugins you should send me these plugins to my email ( ) so i will put a dev key for you, events.php it is not an event plugin it is php method .

As i understand that you want you want make your own plugins, it ok but you need to set a devkey, so you should send me these plugins for set a devkey for you to this email ( ), events.php it is not a plugin it is php file for php method .