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@admin4rent this is not skadate script, I have am using skadate from long time for my other site. Peepmatches has different source codes and everything us different. Peepmatches releases updates and works on his own script. He will release soon again update. Then you will see if its illegal script or his own :)

Thanks dear, peepmatches is mine and we released 2 updates before, also, we developing many plugins and theme for it and will be available soon, after plugins release we planning for a great update . Just we keep silence with these fighters, and let them say what they want, they afraid from our speed success, also, when they can find a great dating script with cheap price ( only we can developing many features with cheap price , because we value people money ) . Thanks again and let them say, because we let them talking, ) No time to replies, we take this script forward .

Very well said, and these are the people they will buy this script once they see more updates. With this much money they can have this amazing script, skadate and other big companies they ask for lots of money and this script is far better than that soadate. With this little money we have all the features which skadate has. I sold my skadate licen last week with half of its price. But this script is far better and faster, I’m very happy with this script and looking forward to the more updates. Let the haters say whatever they say and good not to reply them as they don’t work your time.

I put wrong ID and Kay on Invite gmail contacts how can i change it

OK it’s working thank you very much

One more question invite facebook friends working only on PC another device like apple tablet not working

It is facebook app configuration, you should enable api for other devices .

if i purchase will i be able to transfer my user db and photos easily to your script from –

It is depending on your SQL knowledge

my country does not support paypal i sent a mail to you sales@pee** no reply i have bitcoin to pay with thank you

I think Envato market accept payments directly by your credit card. But sorry we can’t accept payments out of Envato market. You are welcome and I hope you can solve your payment issue

presale question: you ca integrate fortimo as a payment option?


Interesting script. Could you tell me if this words only for single gender? Also do u provide custom profile fields with search filters based on locations?



Thank you for interesting in our script, if you mean that sentence ( Join now and meet our singles ) this sentence you can translate it for whatever from admin board.Yes there is geo location search field at members page ( you can see it at our demo ) .

Hi checked the demo and its really amazing i have one question, does this have gifts like badoo? thanks.

Hi, Egifts is a premium plugin for peepmatches script that you should purchase separately and check it from here .

I tested very carefully this time all the codecanyon script based on dating, and i want to say that this script is completely, and works fine, very good job and keep working on updates.I will buy your script, next week.I must say that i’m very disappointed for those autors who, make incomplete scripts, buggy, and i say that after i spend lot of time to translate, and try to correct errors.

Thanks. We will keep this work to be most completed and update it for much stability and more features

hello please correct the mobile page desine

you correct it so your sale is increase

Hi, dear, i am happy to hear from you again, we will increase features in next update, and we will make the default theme for peepmatches more beautiful


telvisj1 Purchased

Anybody get this to work with php7?

purchase it its best datingscript in codecanyon


zenbu Purchased

Are you going to be adding PHP 7 support or are you going to wait for Oxwall to add it first?


telvisj1 Purchased

They are using a free script called oxwall. Nowhere does it say this. This is false advertising and I am fighting to get my money back

I have a question,

I can see you have created system, but its for daily login and user join!

I need a way to credit my users when they post, when they like or even post a comment!

If its possible let me know


Credit system not only for daily login and join, it for all site activities, even they like or post any thing, you can see credits system at our admin board here


EzisLV Purchased

Huge problem with importing new language, uses some absurd translation system i suggest support to get back to me about this.. i have lost 6 days of project build time because of this mess in code …

Sorry, i can’t understand well, but as i understand that you asking about home dashboard and index menus, so don’t make index menu for registered members, because it disabled as default for registered members since it is landing page for guests only .


EzisLV Purchased

Sorry for my bad english, i am trying to report a bug like in you’ re demo site if you visit terms of service ore any other section without login then use menu (home button) and then login from there it will break the view system as the proper view is suppose to be dashboard … just try it you will see

Ok, i understand you now, as i said index page designed for guests, so if someone used it as you said it will redirect him to index page again, So, you can disable it for guests too . and they can use site logo for index page .


Kisssssss Purchased

Hi bro, when is the new update coming, I am still not putting my site live for public. I am waiting for the update its been months :) is it on the way :)

Remove google ad, then see whats happen, if it is the reason update me, then i will go through this in next update for google ads .

Ok,we found the error and we will solve it in next update, nothing to do from your side, Thank you for report


Kisssssss Purchased

I removed the ads and still in some albums I see that issue :) But good to know you already found the error, and will be fixed soon. Thank you in advance bro