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Hi guys! I am Pratik Patil and i just joined PeepDev’s Author Team. It would be lovely to assist you guys

Nice to got you with our team Patrik .

Always a pleasure to work with high quality team!

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Our script quality and any other Envato’s scripts are checked by envato reviewer team to be sure that meet all requirements and quality meet, before they publish any item here, You are the one who want scam us, first you purchased our script then your host account suspended, so want a refund .

Pockettv I logged into your hosting and saw that you requested your host to delete your account on the day you asked us to install it into your new server. Good try

I have reported to Envato

Hello this have APPs android AND iOS? AND other themes new?

Apps will be available . And there is new theme will be available very soon

Thanks for answering. As I told you in the message we are a small hosting company that sells to customers ENVATO hosting for your (script, social, etc) we have customers interested in your script but do not like their design and also want mobile apps . Now 95% of users use non-computer mobiles. And should imply in better themes. The current is fast but a bit complicated and old. Should improve it to the present has many options that are not understood

i replied your email , we are working on a big update these days . thank you

If we can see that your script has two functions: Dating and Social. Is very good two in one, but as I told you the design of the (Wall) is very little old or complicated. The chat me mercy that I answered and is not real.



Need Album Photo Need Player music Need Player video Social Need Blog Need ADS NATIVE

Notification no work TIME REAL

In home need WALL for POST Need in post (Photo, Music, Videos, Text) for social version

Hi, as i said it is main dating script with few social features, not a complete social network . But i took some of your suggestions, as it will serve the script .

Thank you

HI :

​do u guys own this website too : ? also is ur peepmatches is similar to ? with its functions and unfriendly, is there anyway to add more themes ?

Hi, no we never own dating framework website ( it is another script ), we own this website only . Yes, we will publish new themes soon . About android and ios apps, we will develop them someday, but we can’t give you an exact time . Thank you and we are waiting you to be our customer .

is that system features same like urs?

Our script is a complete script. With many great features. To make it great we have even developed it as a Dating + Social Network clone.You can always check our demo at here All our features are listed here

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Stop it zenbu!

@Peep. Why do you keep deleting pockettv’s comments?

It’s unfair against a customer who bought your product and has a right to complain about whatever problems s/he discovered with it.

We all rely on this forum to understand the problems with the system and how to fix it. And frankly that makes your support task easier. It is bad policy to try to silence a customer


peepstaff Author Team


We were not reporting his complaint. Now we reported his complaint and the moderators were satisfied for the reason we gave. He requested his host to delete his hosting account the day he asked us to install the script. I personally emailed him to asking his sql details but i never got reply. We are also human beings and again and again saying us Scam will make us down. I being a Indian worked for him all the night. I even didn’t sleep too. Then saying us Idiot does not make sense. Proof:

@webmercials all our customers are welcome to post any issues to resolve it in next update. We also want this forum is positive to discuss all about peepmatches. But this man don’t need a support he did strange things with us such as he posting something here and when we contacting him at email to know what happening or what caused this issue he was not cooperative with our assestsnt . Anyway, I agree with you to make this forum useful for all customers and for us .

We respect our customers and we working all day to bring something new for aĺl

Thank you

Just about to buy this then after seeing the comments about Oxwall, I decided to investigate further. I right click and view source on both Oxwall and this script and see the source code almost identical, especially near the footer on the login page. However $99 for the video chat from Oxwall, also a rip, I think I might just go for this script as it will save me a lot of time and money. Yes Oxwall is free but do you want to spend $99 on a video chat plugin and 100s of hours? I know what I would sooner do! Spent hours looking for a good dating script on Codecanyon and so far this setup looks the best. I might give it a try.

You will see in future updates that we working hard and we make our own, it is not a copy . You are welcome and i wait to try it .

Hi, I am interested to buy this. But before this, Is it possible to add custom profile fields? Additions filter people based of custom profile fields and distance?

Thanks, Sam

Yes you can add more profile fields and you can assign which profile fields shown in search filter

Bro when is the new update coming out, my support even just expired but have not seen the face of any update, I’m not even putting my site live and jot doing publicity as I was waiting for the update. I want to have new improvements before I start inviting user sites please :(

Sorry for the delay, but this update has much more modifications in features and design, i can’t give you exact time but when it will be available we will notify you . Also, don’t purchase update time from envato again because may be we change our policy about Envato market, we will notify you by email .

Okay bro, thanks and your message noted. Look forward to you :) Take care

Hi there. Just purchased this product and tried to install on my local server. After installing I receive a “This page isn’t working” error “localhost redirected you too many times.” ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. Any help would be great.

Hi, mail me your server login details and your domain at ( ) . Thank you for your purchase .

Hi, as you said to me that you want install the script at localhost using MAMP, so please tell me in which point you get this error ? is it after installation complete success ? if yes, then go to includes > config.php file then replace define(‘PEEP_DEBUG_MODE’, false); with define(‘PEEP_DEBUG_MODE’, true);

Then refresh your site and see what the problem or send me screenshots with the error by my email .

Thank you .

If you don’t find error related to the script then i recommend you to read this article So, be sure that our .htaccess file is a main .htaccess and you haven’t another htaccess files .

This error, may be cause for a lot of reasons, so check all these reasons, Also, i recommend you to test our script at a server, so you can point the problem with your local mac .

Thank you

The login details you have for the demo is invalid. I’m unable to login.

login with Username / demo1 : password / demo

That would be helpful if it didn’t force an email address as a username. demo1 doesn’t work.

It doesn’t force username only. And demo1 without space working for me. You are welcome

I am interested, how much will you charge to add Street Chat to it. Thanks!

Thank you for your interesting, we don’t available at this moment for custom work, may be we add virtual chat to the script in the future .

Thank you for interesting, but sorry we don’t available at this moment for custom work, may be we add virtual chat to script in the future

I want to buy this script and other plugins, when will new template come and what the requrements to server for your Audio and video chat plugin?

We working on the new version but I can’t give you exact time For video chat it needs ssl certificate