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When you save a story as a draft where you can see it?

please, send me your host cpanel login details to ( ) .


Why not add a countdown on the maintenance page?

You add the three blocks? on the home page

Thank you

Sorry, i can’t assist without login your admin site . your site is close for dedicated IP, open it and send me your login details .

Give me the solution here, country allows France and Belgium the rest are blocked and in addition you do not respond to the mail

Thank you

Ok, don’t worry i will find a solution, but please be patient because all our team will fly to Morocco for a business meet in next Monday, If Yousef doesn’t contact you tomorrow he will contact you after Monday by email . Thank you


joef357 Purchased

Please help me to install the peep match i already make all the posibility and solutions as you instructed me but until now can’t install

Thank You Joef 41dfeb60-9251-40bf-b5e1-706dc7f9b38d

Please, send me you host cpanel details to ( ) i want check your server


joef357 Purchased

Please check your email..thanks

Email resent

dont share your key in here thank u ;)

I Want To Buy This Scripts Today But Need Some Information Like Hosting I Have a Godaddy Linux Hosting 100 GP Space 512 RAM 1 CPU This Scripts Run Above Resources ?

Hi, yes it will work with what you said, but the important thing to be sure that your server has these requirements here

So Turns of USA server to low on usa clients so we Took New Europe server u welcome To Test it user demo pass demo if u like order your own hosting Cheap fast stable Quick support easy install

Hello I Have Buy Dating Scripts And Install Completely But Not Open And Give Error “This page isn’t working” Please Hot To Open My Site And Admin Dashboard Please Help Me

Please send me your site url and your cpanel login details to ( )

dit u install it on SSL or normal ??

Please Replay Me

the pretty busy bucket what site is your link? and dit u install on SSL or normal


Sorry I can’t understand


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I’d like to set up https. What is the right Htaccess to use?

Please go to cpanel 》where peepmatches files installed 》includes 》config.php file 》edit 》find your site url 》 replace http with https 》save

but rember to turn on SSL in your hosting account of cpanel or when use we can do it for u :)

Hi, I have some problems with this script hosted by By default install, all is ok. After I install a new SSL certificate generated by Le’s Encrypt, the https doesn’t work at all. It generates an endless loop between http and https. Here is the a2hosting support message:

Thank you for contacting A2 Hosting Support! In checking the .htaccess file on the account I can see that you have disabled the redirect currently. When removing the # I can see the strange looping behavior on the site. I have moved the redirect to the top of the .htaccess file where it should be located but this did not correct the issue.

It looks like there is another conflict that is causing the redirection loop. You will need to check with your web developer or the script’s creator to determine what is causing the looping and preventing the site from loading up using https. Unfortunately it looks like there is some other directive with the script that is causing this conflict.

Can you help me understand what is the problems and how can be fixed? Thanks

I provide you how you can configure https. If you can’t provide me cpanel details and I will configure it for you

your documentations is usless and uncomplete. Moreover you didn’t provided any solution to me but only a scam yahoo email address (instead of a real domain address!!!). you look like scam to me.

I provide you how you can run your website with https ( in case your ssl certificate is installed and ready ), Go to your cpanel > where you installed peepmatches > includes > config.php > edit > search for your site domain > replace http with https .( that is all ), as you said in first comment that your host staff tried to install it in htaccess file, and it is wrong way, so if he / she make any changes to our htaccess file, so please upload our default one . We aren’t scammers, we are trusted here, but it seems that you want scam us with refund, i offered you support many time at this comment but you aren’t co-operation so we can assist you . Also, there are many reasons can cause redirect loops, if your site running good without http then will running with https . Please, don’t waste our time . Thanks


When do you plan to publish the customer testimonial plugin?

Thank you

We will inform you when we are ready with it, but until now I can’t give you a time

I need this without premium plugins. Can you show me how is looking without premium plugins? also can i install this a shared hosting?

This the demo without premium plugins , and yes you can install it at shared hosting but it must meet our requirements as here